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Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Become a Travel Writer

Teaching English while traveling the planet is a good strategy to becoming a travel writer.

“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay”
 - Mark Twain

I have been a traveler now for 13 years, this requires money. It seem reasonable that being a traveler could assist a person in writing about travel, at least if you want to be true to the art.

Teaching English as a foreign language is the simplest way for a native English speaker to find a job overseas. There is no easier way, the whole world is obsessed to learn English, and the only requirement to get the job is you speak English reasonably well, and be from one of the developed countries. There are no skills needed, the local schools want English speaker, English knowledge and teaching skills are not a requirement.

If you speak English, you can teach English overseas.

The value of teaching English oveseas to a travel writer is that it would force a person to focus on the trade. Writing is often place into a dream filled box full of obscure ideas, whereby the person enters and leaves confused. It is not that complicated, it is really a simple trade.

Writing is putting words down on paper in an interesting, compelling and grammaticallly correct manner. I believe that is the job of an English teacher, to teach students to be a writer.

Teaching English, Travel, and Money, all in one location, that is a good game plan for a Travel Writer.



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