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The use of a Maxims to explain the world is part of the art of writing, if you can find the universally accepted phrase all argument ends.

Writing is about saying something simple enough that readers understand all the implications, this often can be achieve by searching for the correct maxim. Writers can search for the maxim or pivotal statement that is universally accepted.

Maxim Defined:
A maxim is a groundrule or subjective principle of action. In that sense a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals.

Maxim - Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living: 'neither a borrower or a lender be', etc. Tennyson speaks of 'a little hoard of maxims preaching down a daughter's heart (Locksley Hall), and maxims have generally been associated with a 'folksy' or 'copy-book' approach to morality.

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