Writing Blog - Writing is a passion, confusion, a way to express ourselves, this is a portal to learning about writing, with a emphasis on travel writing.

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
- Cyril Connolly 1903 - 1974

"I would remember this, just when you think you are a famous writer, remember English is only one of about 7000 languages on the planet."
- Andy Graham

This page is my collections of writing rules, hints, and tips, with the dream of that one day people stop complaining about my grammar.

Andy Graham Has Writer's Block

I am trying to finish a book, finally I must admit to writers block, how to explain one facet of the book has me confused, I feel blocked.

Booklocker Com

Checklist of Negative Connotations to Avoid When Writing a Non Fiction Book

I write many negative comments, often I justify by hoping I am clearly identifying the problems, however when writing a book, this can cause problems.

Dementia, As My Best Friends Become Clueless

I have about 10 friends whose brains are becoming mush. As for me, I will jump into the volcano. I pray I drop dead walking down the street, before people talk to me in soft patronizing tones. I have caught myself talking baby talk with my friends.

Epigraph - Writing

What is an Epigraph? The quote at the top of a chapter.

Formula To Write Non Fiction Book - Writing

How Many Words in a Book

How many words in a book? To write a book you need to know how many words you need to write before you are finished.

How Many Words Per Page In A Book

How to Avoid Typos

List of ways to avoid typos and links to other pages for explanations.

How to Find Typos

This is a list of methods on how to find typos, plus external links for further study, you are invited to submit more tips or hints.


The use of a Maxims to explain the world is part of the art of writing, if you can find the universally accepted phrase all argument ends.

Mentoring Writers Is C.C.C by Andy Lee Graham - Writing

Mentoring people is fun. I despise fame, therefore, I sabotage my fame by writing in a very evasive manner. The new reader seldom understands the whole story. In many ways, I write like a real person living a soap opera lifestyle.

POD Book Publishers

List of POD - Print On Demand book publishers - Writing

Preface: Definition of Preface to Book

The definition of a preface to a book --- this page is to assist a writer in writing a book.

Screenwriting Sites

List of Screenwriting Sites.

SOPA.explained to Mom - HOW the Stop Online Piracy Act will allow USA Censorship of Internet

Explanation of SOPA for normal people: The Stop Online Piracy Act pros and cons and why the protection of the individual is needed.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Become a Travel Writer

Teaching English while traveling the planet is a good strategy to becoming a travel writer.

Uncapitalized Words in Titles

This page is a guide to explain which words to leave uncapitalized words in titles.

Writers Please Write To Entertain

First goal of writing is to entertain. The second goal is writing an intimate message to your subconscious mind that in 2-3 days gives you an insightful lightbulb moment. “I get it.”


Writing Blog - Writing is a passion, confusion, a way to express ourselves, this is a portal to learning about writing, with a emphasis on travel writing.

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web, a work in progress, collecting ideas on how to writer for readers on the web.

Goals of Writing:

  1. To make a person feel.
  2. Entertainment
  3. To change and opinion, a good writer will reframe an opinion from a different angle and change the perspective of the reader.

How do you know you are a good writer?

  1. Someone wants to pay you to write
  2. People read what you write.

Blogging is writers justice, if you have a following, then it is difficult to say you are not a good writers... 

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