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Traveling Ed Teja: A writer who travels and seldom writes about travel.

A long-time member of hobo traveler, Traveling Ed Teja is a writer of prose, poetry, and music -- and a traveler. He's lived and traveled around the world and his stories, poems and songs reflect the places he's been, places that lie in the margins of the world. The characters he meets, sometimes intriguing, sometimes plain crazy, are the fuel for his writing. When you consort with pirates, revolutionaries, smugglers and other madmen long enough, it's bound to happen.

His books are available on?Amazon; and check out his Youtube channel for music and talks.

Working with J. Lee Porter, he is writing stories and novels about the ramifications of cryptocurrency and blockchain on the global economic, political, and social landscape. You can find out more at the Nomadic Giant website.

Wed, 2 Oct 2019 08:38:11

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