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World Traveler on Social Security of $531 Dollars Per Month Andy Lee Graham

I am Andy Lee Graham, and for the year of 2020, I will prove I can travel the world on my Social Security check of $521 dollars per month. I want you to believe, it is cheaper to travel the world than to live in the USA. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

This is a new Google Sheets of my income, and expenses for 2020, it will evolve:

Click Here to see how I spend money daily.

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January 1, 20120
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January 10, 2020

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"It is cheaper to travel the planet, then to live in the USA."
--- Andy Lee Graham - A non-stop world traveler for 22 years.

"The first 10 days in any country are the most expensive."
--- Andy Lee Graham

"The goal is to save money in the 200 cheap countries, whereby we can afford the 25 over-developed countries, and airfare."
--- Andy Lee Graham

Tue, 7 Jan 2020 04:30:47

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