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How To Know What Is Going On In World With Least Amount Of Work - World News

World News is worst than Soap Operas, here is a simple way to monitor the essential world events, so you are aware of our world, but not too aware.

World News Briefs

World News Worst than Soap Operas.

After being in 107 countries, and living abroad for over 17 years, I am indeed something of a world citizen and not just an American citizen. I am 59, never been married, and have no children. I often wish for children, and would love to have a mate with the same kindred spirit, but life is, what it is, not many ways to force love and friendships.

I remember being on Lake Atitlan, and my friend Eli said something to me like, "Andy, if you had children, you could send them to this private school up the hill from the commercial El Dorado."

With no hesitation, I said, "I would never let my children go to school in Guatemala."

Wow, I said to myself where did that come from? Here I am some big world travel, maybe the longest perpetual world traveler on the planet; one would think that somehow, I would value learning languages and that educating my children outside the USA would be my goal.

I do not want my children to become part of the Guatemala Culture, to have the same goals, dream, and aspiration because they went to school there. The Guatemalans are what they pretend to be. Maybe Norway!

yall map

ZERO desire to raise my children as global citizens

Let me explain, with a small story. Have you ever traveled to Georgia, or Tennessee, or even Texas? Did you find yourself saying "Y’all"? Those of you folks living in the South ever go up to them Yankee states, and stop saying "Y’all"? I'm from Indiana, and sometimes I'll hear a Michigan person saying, “You’s” like we do in my part of Indiana.

I challenge you!
We are delusional if we believe we are unique, sentient beings, when in reality, our environment defines us, not just a little, but 99 percent.

My challenge is this, spend a month in Texas; if you never say the word “Y’all,” I will give you a FAKE 100 dollar bill. You will find yourself saying Y’all, if not in a normal sentence, but just to mock the word, to make a joke, to tease. Nonetheless, if you are honest, you will use the word, it is what we do, it is what we are, we are the sum total of our environment.

I am a recovering alcoholic, how did I become an alcoholic?

I drank too much, too often, until it defined me. Or in simpler terms, I hung around with people that drank, until I thought drinking was me. How did I stop? I hung around with really boring people, who were not cool, and who did not drink.

I stayed around those who annoyed me until they no longer annoyed me, and I agreed with them. I didn't have a choice, it was either quit, go insane, or go to jail for the rest of my life. My final two choices were to grow up, or take the simple solution and kill myself.

Nick Nolte was in a great movie, Mother Night (1996)a little depressing, but a great movie, where in the final scene Nick Nolte says:

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

― Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Mother Night (Novel 1961)

OK, can you grasp it? We are not capable of defending ourselves again social pressure. We must choose our environment, and we much choose our playgrounds. We must for sure, choose the location where our children become who they will be. Making that choice is what keeps us from being cows led out to pasture.

World News Worst than Soap Operas

Why, because they hook us with the gossip lines, the words that make us read on, and on until our brains become mush. I am sure most of you have friends addicted to Facebook, and their brains are one big Facebook, one big, “I read it on Facebook.”

This is not what I want to hear my children say. I want to hear them say, “I read it on Wikipedia.”

When I was home for my father's funeral, we were sitting around at my sisters home, and someone asked a factual question. Here we were, a bunch of universities fed brains. My family of first and second generation university educated people and I said to Michael pointing to his Smartphone, “Take that playtoy and find the facts on WIKI.”

Michael referred to his Smartphone, a device which eats his brain, and devours our children’s time, and energy. But when used as I dream it should be used as, a weapon of knowledge.

Aagh! He did not know how to get on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia and probably the world's biggest, and best source of too much information.

I was angry. It is my opinion, that the only value school has is to babysit children while their parents work. To show them sources of knowledge, to lead them to the water, to the library, to the book, to Wikipedia, to sources of knowledge, and how to have the world at their fingertips.

School had failed my nephew (I exaggerate here a little, Michael is a wiz, and this is also a story, that needed to be exaggerated). Test this yourself - do you know how to find facts on Wikipedia? Do you have the Smartphone app? I think there is an app. I do not use a Smartphone anymore, I sensed it was dumbing me down. I believe more in real world awareness.

Ask your children to look up where Andy Graham is, and you want to know about Kpalime, Togo West Africa. Tell them you want to read the Wiki page on Togo.

Solution for World News

CNN News Alerts, “Gong” you lose, that is just anal. America Central, no world news alerts, temptations to click, better if you do not click.

Everyday almost always in English/French, my good friends from Canada, send me free of charge, alerts of world news.

They call them “Travel Updates / Dernieres Nouvelles.”

I call them, world news, without the gossip.

The solution, when you want to know something is to not “Google It”. You and your children want to “Wiki It”, instead.

Please prioritize, read Wiki first, then the stupid gossip pages that are fun, insane, and about as beneficial as a Soap Opera. At least Soap Operas teach us about human interactions, real, ugly, and captivating, and are better entertainment than world news that has underlying rage,
“We want you to be mad at this!”
“We want you to be mad at that!”

People that read the world news, often want to be angry, to have an issue they can pound over our heads. There is balance in life, and the USA is off the tracks when it comes to having that balance. As a global citizen, you can make the choice to choose where you go, what you think, and who you hang out with.

Join our travel community, where we do not allow anonymous saps to suck out our brains. We admit who we are, we are accountable for our opinions, and in real time. Members can post insightful answers on how to live as a world traveler or enjoy the traveler's lifestyle.

Now, go to the link below, enter your e-mail, sign up for the best source of impartial world news you can find. They'll tell you about countries you've never heard of.

Thank you

Andy Lee Graham in Kpalime, Togo West Africa, a place you will never come visit, only on my videos. Funny, people think that this culture is the same culture as the American black culture, which is a mistake to believe. Although, I fear the globalization of rap music, will soon eat their brains here also.

Here is the news link, finding how to subscribe by e-mail is your job, but trust me, you can. We need to monitor, not make a daily choice.

I am not giving you a Wiki link, you need to invest some time in you.

August 22, 2015

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