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How Much Bandwidth or Data Does Skype Use

A USB Wireless Modem Internet plan overseas allot 5-8 GIG, to save money it helps to know how much bandwidth or data uses for telephone call.

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 20:22:06

A rough way to look at this issue, would be to estimate a one half meg per minute with no video, and one meg per minute with a video.

This is difficult to determine or access, opinions or ideas can be submitted below.

Types of Calls

1. How much data or bandwidth just sitting idle?
1. 3 Gig per month 720 Hours in month, this is about 2 Megs per hour.

2. No Video

"1 minute call at 70kbps consumes ~ 0,5 MB of bandwidth
10 min ~ 5 MB
100min ~ 50 MB"
-- Gladiator on Skype Forum

3. Video sent from my side of call, but not received.


4. Both people are talking with video on.

It would be safe to say about double.

"in 2 hours of Skype u use about 350 MB of data"
- Source

If you are talking on Skype, try to understand that upload speed are about four times slower than download. If one of the persons cannot be understood, it is normally an upload speed problem.

How Much Bandwidth or Data Does Skype Use