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Use Google.com to Search for Photos on Wikipedia Org to Use on Your Website

In general photos on Wikipedia.org are not copyrighted, and people are free to use them, however be warned, read the fine print before you use a photo.

Search for Wiki Photos

You need a photo for your website, and you understand the law... you cannot just right click on any photo and use.

I personally know two people who have paid Getty Photos 4000 US Dollars for copyright violations of photos they used without permission. If you are real business, do not steal photos, it can cost you everything.

Solution: Take only photos from Wikipedia.org, they are semi-cleaned of copyright and safer than most to use by the public.

How to search for photos on Wikipedia.org?

First, you will be searching Google.com! or Bing.com

Example, say you want a photo of a tree, you type in the search box of Google.com:

tree site:wikipedia.org

Tree --- this is the type of photo you want.

site:wikipedia.org says, only sample the site or domain name Wikipedia.org, I can so the same for HoboTraveler.com, I could put in the search box:  tree site:hobotraveler.com and search for my own photos.

Then, click on "Images."

See the image above.

Thanks Andy Graham


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