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Santiago Dominican Republic on 500 Dollars per Month by Jason

Santiago Dominican Republic on 500 collars per month by Jason. Where yo live overseas on 500 dollars per month.


live in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Rent: $210 us for a furnished 1 bedroom apartment in a good area. Includes electric, water and cable. I pay an additional $15 for internet. $12 for a cell phone plan with 75 minutes

Transportation: No Taxi's for me. I travel like most local. Squeezed between 6 other people. I take publicos, cars that have 4 people in the back seat and 3 people in the front. Cost 20 pesos (50 cents). Easy and fast when you learn the routes.

Food: There is a restaurant across the street that sells plater of the day. For 85 pesos ($2.50) I get rice, beans, salad and a meat. That is my main meal of the day.

When I first moved to the DR, I lived in Cabarete. A nice beach town on the North Coast. I spent money like I was still on vacation. Finally, when the money start to run out, I moved to Santiago. My girlfriend showed me how to live more like a Dominican and less like a Gringo. I can easily live on $500 per month or less.

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