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Waiting at Airport Hostal Los Faroles in Guatemala City

I am waiting for a Taca air flight from Guatemala City to Chicago in a 10 USD Hostal Los Faroles 1 minute from the Guatemala Airport.

There are many ways to find a Hotel, and I seldom use the Internet to find a Hotel room. 90 percent of the time I use the Lonely Planet Guidebook, however, the other day I used one of the local free magazines given to English speaking tourists. You know the ones, they sit on all counters waiting for you to pick up and browse while you are drinking coffee or eating.

 Airport Hotel Revue Magazine

I have been having fun analyzing the ads to the airport Hotels, they all say 1 or 2 minutes from the airport. (Fast Jet) I am now in the Hotel and for sure it is not one minute walking. Time means nothing in a country like Guatemala, it truly is just noise made, there is no correlation with reality. It is just not considered a priority, but they will use it to sell, even though it means nothing.

What is real, this is probably a 25 Quetzales, maybe three USD taxi from the airport. I suppose if you are stupid you could walk to the airport, maybe 20 minutes from the Hotel and risk getting robbed with absolutely all your possession you carry with you.

There is walled in Bed and Breakfast right next to Hostal Los Faroles called by a name that is unspellable Maybe Bourangvila or something like that, all the Hotels on the street are walls with razor blade wire on front, no fun to look at, rather bleak. Guatemala city is one of the more dangerous cites on the planet.

I went searching on the Internet, is annoyingly dominating all the Hotel room results, maybe the best source is could have been WikiTravel.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said,
"The Internet is a 'cesspool' where false information thrives."

Why, because all the people have stopped using their brains, they do not try to analyze, they try to read too much, not think too much.

My two hotel priorities were WIFI and price, I truly hate paying more than 10 dollars to have no service, the USA is 10 times worst. The Hostal Los Faroles is cheap, friendly and had WIFI Internet, but I had to steal a light bulb from the adjoining room. The great part is it has cable TV, the Internet is high speed an excellent. It appears to more of a car rental place than a Hotel, but it is OK in a rough way, the shower is shared, but there are no tourist, so truly not shared.

I do not like to give Hotel advice.
I am losing interest in giving any type of Hotel advice, it is like talking to the wind, nobody seems to care, the average USA person is 100 percent luxury and in splurge mode.

I have no way of dealing with this type of person emotionally, I like to live within my means, but the majority of people I meet are just wanting some luxury or a place they can brag about. I have good self-esteem, there is nobody that cares in the end where I live, so why try to brag to someone.

I had a conversation yesterday about the USA with a man over I am truly worried about the way this USA culture spends money. It is the same for all the Western World or the developed countries, they all spend all the money they have and act like the government is going to fix their bad decisions.

Why 10 Dollar Hotels?
There is no way to get a bad value at 10 USD per night, even if the Hotel is a slum, the place is still priced right. While I can pay 100 USD and get an absolutely rememberable experience of price gouging that I will never forget.

I will forget the Hostal Los Faroles, they have junk stored in the room, this is like an extra room in a House, but has a good TV and WIFI Internet. I will not have a resentment toward this Hotel, this is what I want in a Hotel, I do not want to remember the place, only the good times.

I stop in one call the Café City and the boy had no idea how to get the WIFI to work, but is was only one block away from the Hostal Los Faroles, so I called and walked over here.

Overwhelmed Readers
If my Betazoid empathy skills are correct, I believe the Internet readers have become the worst readers on the planet. Maybe they have become to Narcissistic or Self-Center to such a degree that they are incapable of thinking.

This is the "I Deserve Everything Generation."
I deserve a 10 USD Hotel, I do not deserve to pay 100 USD per night, that would mean I am making close to 300,000 per year. Anyone making less than 35 K per year can afford a 10 USD Hotel, more than that on daily basis and they are delusional, they are overspending or splurging.

The world, even the Guatemalan are caught up spending money on stupid things, for instance, a cup of coffee in Pana cost one dollar per cup. This is a country that had coffee growing everywhere, a cup of coffee cost one dollar, and the locals often pay it to be part of the club.

Convenience shops here in Guatemala city with gas cost about the same as a USA shop, there is a globalization of idiocy. People earn from 5-10 dollars per day here in Guatemala, but pay that all to buy a Coca Cola, in and out goes the money so fast, it staggering.

Well, I am waiting for a plane to the USA to listen to people tell me how bad life is there, and for life in the USA is ten times more unhappy than Guatemala. So in a way I am going into misery, luckily my parents are reasonably old and happy, they just watch their soap opera everyday and worry about their medical problems.

My brother and sisters are cliché Americans, caught up in being too busy, I could write about the daily and they would never read what I wrote.

I love the USA for a couple of reason, it is incredibly quiet, and I can buy anything without needing to go the store. I can call the place make sure the price is right and go purchase it knowing it is in inventory. I could live better in the USA, but my friends and family would always wanting me to compete for a great car, great woman, or a great house. I just say no.


I used the Free magazine called the Revue to find the Hostal Los Faroles in Guatemala City near the airport. title=