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VIDEO TRAVELOGUE : by Andy Lee Graham - As a Man Thinketh in His Heart so is He

Video Travelogue by Andy Lee Graham talking about "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he --- Where is Andy Graham?


You seem to be happier and look better and less tired. I was wondering have you started taking those testosterone shots? Thanks for keeping up the video blogs and helping us all through life.....Terry


Very well said. I expecially liked the point you made when you explained how even tacit agreement can lead to acceptance of something you initially disageed with. I, myself, do not like confrontation. You cannot change people. So, truly, in the end, you can only choose whom you associate with. I do think you can help others through your example though. That is what a true leader does... leads by example.


I am taking a testosteron pill, but not the shots. I think it is more about hwo to prepare for a video, I am learning how to take the shower, etc. I wake up, want to do the recording, but want to shower, and allow my hair to dry. It is amazing, to truly get my hair dry takes one hour, I did not know that. Today, it was still not dry... But trying to wake up, adjust, and do all the other daly routines is a challenge, with a new one inserted. But it is fun. I can do this easy, and life is good.

Page Turner

That story about a web cam. I remember the first time you did this in Thialand. Every day I watched people walking by and wondered how long it would work. It was more like a conversation piece at that time. You used to get involved in really interesting and unusual types of things and it was always fun to find out what you were up to.


Wow, I'm surprised you take an hour out of your day to dry your hair......I'm sure we wouldn't mind if your hair is wet or damp when you record the video. I only towel dry my hair and let it air dry after I brush it...I think we are just glad to see you make the videos.....

So do you feel better after taking the testosterone pill? TL


My hair takes an hour to dry naturally, without any work. I do not feel different when I take a testosterone pill, but I do feel stronger and my muscles feel firm. I am taking this: Mesterolone

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Video Travelogue by Andy Lee Graham - As a Man Thinketh in His Heart so is He title=