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Video Travel Blog Showing my New Room in Montellano Dominican Republic for 11.59 US Dollars

I moved from Sosua to Montellano, Dominican Republic: Video showing what the new room looks like before I sprawl all over and occupy. Andy Graham

Jose asked 500 pesos, we settled on 450, I am paying daily. It has some form of electrical backup, so far, I have had light duty electricity for computer and TV 24 hours per day.

I convert money with this link:


Andy what's the best way to send you a link to a camera I saw that you might be interested in, and also I found a one cup coffee maker here in the US that you may like seeing. Just wanted to share ideas with you as well. TL


You can send by clicking on Contact above, then you will soon get my e-mail, or you can click on the "Private Message" thing and send to me.


I think you've found a good idea for a new travel website - sort of an open blog dedicated to "cheap rooms" - Photos (mandatory), cost, amenities, location, name of hotel, "pluses and minuses", etc. submitted by readers. It would probably have to be moderated (unfortunately) because owners would be using it for advertising. I guess that flushes that idea down the toilet. Cheers, DZ


I recorded a video of 6 apartments the other day that all rent for between 250 and 350 USD per month. All have WIFI, TV, etc, they are all great room for a person who wants to escape from the USA on a limited budget. Truthfully, all people have limited budgets, yet some one one night for 300 USD and not the month. I think this video is needed, it is more or less a Lonely Planet Guidebook in one video telling what is really here. I am very tired of the lies given by the Internet Pages, it is as if all advertisment on the Internet has one goal, to gouge the user.

Is there a need for cheap hotels site, our site HoboHideOut .com encourages cheap hotels, but in the end, they do not care much for advertising or making web site stuff because they are always rent. Instead, we get the five star hotels who want to take all the people for an expensive ride.

I am never sure what to think, it is obvious that over-spending is what people want to do, so I cannot change that, 99 percent of people appear to want to spend all the money in thier pockets. That means a cheap, good value site is not really wanted. Strange though, if you can give awawy something, then it become more, or if you can wrap it up as being a good person, a lying NGO, then people get involved.

In the end, we just need to spur on some readers, and somehow get them to feel value, and not bore them to death.
Andy Graham


It would be great to see that video of 6 you plan to make that available to us soon? Thanks for all you do....TL


I have it recorded, I just need to put it all together. There is about 14 clips, and more complicated to arrange than normal.

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Video Travel Blog Showing my New Room in Montellano Dominican Republic for 11.59 US Dollars. title=