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Video Travel Blog, I Go to Puerto Plata Today to Live and Get an X-ray

Where is Andy Graham? I am on my way to Puerto Plata to live for a few day, it is March 4, 2012.

The distance from Montellano to Puerta Plata is 13.6 Kilometers. I will take a "Carro Publico" for 30 Pesos, about one USA. I will pay extra to convince the driver to take me to the Kevin Hotel. I will pay 600 per night for two nights, but when I return, by the week is 500 per day. I can save money, they have free Internet in the Hotel, and I am presently paying 1.50 USD per 100 Megs with my Claro USB wireless Interent Modem.

Andy Graham

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I had a similar problem with my back. A surgeon gave me a cortizone shot in my joint. Within 4 hours I went from great pain to almost no pain. My husband has a herniated disc. The doctor gave him a cortizone shot in his spine, and he is fine now also. The important thing would be to have a very skilled surgeon for one in your back, otherwise it could be dangerous.

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