Video of Tin Caps Baseball Team in Fort Wayne While Living in LaSalle Bed and Breakfast April 2012

Where Is Andy Graham? I went to a baseball came in Ft Wayne to watch the Tin Caps while living in LaSalle Bed and Breakfast. I am in Sion Bass building.

Me and my friend Mike walked over to the Parkview Hospital Stadium last night to watch a Baseball Game. It is only about 1-2 blocks from the Bed and Breakfast LaSalle, or the Sion Bass where I am living presently.

The game was extremely cold, we walked around with our 5 USD standing room only tickets.

The video below shows three views of the stadium, and one of the "TinCap," which is what Johnny Appleseed wore on his head.

YouTube Trivia

I put this up on YouTube, called it a Baseball game and YouTube instantly flagged it as not acceptable. which is owned by Google has become hyper sensitive to copyrighted material. The amount of violation of copyrights worldwide in "My Opinion" is in the billions, and I do believe and Google should be sued for billions, and dismantled.


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