Todays Travel Blog Put a Lock on Door and Went to Claro for USB Modem Recharge by Andy Lee Graham

I will show you how I added an extral lock to my door, taking a couple of walks daily and about Claro. Andy Lee Graham Travel Blog

Claro Telecoms Today for USB Modem Recharge.

I got up this morning, for some stupid reason my Claro USB Internet Modem chip for Internet access was shut off. I purchased time on Saturday, and it stopped working. Normal crap, Latinos are not strict, I purchased the time, but they failed to activate it, a person must always be on top of Latinos, and remind them of every step like a small child. If you are not watching, the chances are it is not going to happen.

Truly Claro is about D on the service level for telephone here in the Dominican Republic.

BIG Diet Now

I am on a big diet now, I am at 182, but I have a new reason to lose weight. I have been studying, putting a lot of information on

Maybe my Piriformis Muscle is squeezing my sciatic nerve, if that is true, I am thinking I could lose weight and shrink it enough to stop the pain. It is just theory, if I am less fat, then it will stop squeezing my sciatica.

Daily Walk in Montellano, Dominican Republic

I take a daily walk in every city I am in, mostly in the morning, I just wander around. I think I am more grateful for this extra time in my life, I know the rest of the world it too busy to enjoy the day, but for 14 year, 90 countries I have had the time to take a walk

Andy Lee Graham in Montellano, Dominican Republic Feb 20, 2012



"I just wander around." Andy, that is fine, but it won't help you lose much weigh. You need to do a good brisk walk for an hour to lose weight. Every day. More people die from a fat belly than by the gun. Big bellies are the cause of most back pain and heart attacks. This is well documented. . Out spines were not constructed to carry a big load out front. Our knees were not designed to carry as much weight as we ask them to carry. If the walking goes well, you should think about running. But don't kill yourself trying to get in shape. There is a ton on information on the internet about how to get in shape and be healthy. The site "Real Age " is pretty good.
A woman in Sosua told me yesterday that she is moving because her knees can't take walking up the hill to her home every day. What her knees can't take is the extra 100 lbs she wants them to carry. food is her drug.

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