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Todays Travel Blog Put a Lock on Door and Went to Claro for USB Modem Recharge by Andy Lee Graham

I will show you how I added an extral lock to my door, taking a couple of walks daily and about Claro. Andy Lee Graham Travel Blog

Claro Telecoms Today for USB Modem Recharge.

I got up this morning, for some stupid reason my Claro USB Internet Modem chip for Internet access was shut off. I purchased time on Saturday, and it stopped working. Normal crap, Latinos are not strict, I purchased the time, but they failed to activate it, a person must always be on top of Latinos, and remind them of every step like a small child. If you are not watching, the chances are it is not going to happen.

Truly Claro is about D on the service level for telephone here in the Dominican Republic.

BIG Diet Now

I am on a big diet now, I am at 182, but I have a new reason to lose weight. I have been studying, putting a lot of information on

Maybe my Piriformis Muscle is squeezing my sciatic nerve, if that is true, I am thinking I could lose weight and shrink it enough to stop the pain. It is just theory, if I am less fat, then it will stop squeezing my sciatica.

Daily Walk in Montellano, Dominican Republic

I take a daily walk in every city I am in, mostly in the morning, I just wander around. I think I am more grateful for this extra time in my life, I know the rest of the world it too busy to enjoy the day, but for 14 year, 90 countries I have had the time to take a walk

Andy Lee Graham in Montellano, Dominican Republic Feb 20, 2012


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