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Category: Where Is Andy Graham

2012 Entered December 3 Ivory Coast Left Malaysia
2012 July Bah from Ivory Coast is on My Mind Too Much - Where Is Andy Lee Graham
2012 June 13 Andy Lee Graham entered Panajachel Guatemala
2012 October 22-24 Leave USA Enter Thailand
2012 October 7 Enter USA Leave Guatemala
2013 December 10 Entered Togo Leaving Benin
2013 December 3 Entered Benin Leaving Togo?
2013 February 8 Leave Natitingou Benin Enter Kara Togo
2013 February 9, Leave Togo and Enter Benin
2013 July 11 – Left USA, Entered Dominican Republic
2013 October 14, Leave Dominican Republic - Enter Togo October 15
2014 August 7 Leave Ecuador Enter Orland Indiana
2014 January 15 Enter Benin And Leave Togo
2014 January 2 Entered Ghana And Left Ghana
2014 January 28 Enter Togo Leave Benin Forget Tanguieta
2014 May 28 Entered Ecuador Left USA?
2014 September 5 Enter Norway Leave The Usa
Andy Graham Talking about Packing and Moving to Montellano and What is a Travelers Tell
Andy Graham Travel Blog Falling Leaving The Shower
Andy Graham Travel Blog from Bridge on Outskirts of Montellano Dominican Republic
Andy In Panajachel Guatemala September 19, 2011
Andy Lee Graham Blog Before the Parade Started in Montellano Dominican Republic and why AA Batteries are Best
Earthquake And Dale Marsh Is Dying At Lago Atitlan Guatemala
I Am Confused but I Leave the USA on Sunday October 30, 2011
I Am In Fort Wayne Indiana March 2012
I Going Nuts Here in the USA as My Quality of Life Nosedives by Andy Lee Graham
IRL Christmas 2011
It is Time to Leave Montellano Dominican Republic
January 25, 2012 Andy Lee Graham is Moving to Puerta Plata or maybe Montellano Dominican Republic
Luperon Dominican Republic Travel Journal Andy Graham on Curtain Management
Map Where Andy Is In Aboisso Ivory Coast
May 27, 2013 - Left Togo and Entered Orland, Indiana, USA
Mopodji Cote d'Ivoire --- Does It Exist
My Need for Sanity in Thailand 2012 November
Stressors Makes Me Want to Return to the USA?
Tell the World Where You are Traveling with Hobo
Todays Travel Blog Put a Lock on Door and Went to Claro for USB Modem Recharge by Andy Lee Graham
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Travel Blog Travel Tip about Making Coffee with Alcohol Stove by Andy Lee Graham
Travel Video Blog by Andy on Spinal Column Mail Forwarding and Six 300 USA Hotels in Sosua
Traveling North in Togo West Africa 2013
Video of Tin Caps Baseball Team in Fort Wayne While Living in LaSalle Bed and Breakfast April 2012
Video Travel Blog Mosquito Nets and Electricty Stopping Students From Studying in Dominican Republic
Video Travel Blog Post From Montellano Dr About The River And A Food Called Arespitas De Maiz
Video Travel Blog Showing my New Room in Montellano Dominican Republic for 11.59 US Dollars
Video Travel Blog, I Go to Puerto Plata Today to Live and Get an X-ray
Video Travel Journal from LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Fort Wayne IN. April 5, 2012
VIDEO TRAVELOGUE : by Andy Lee Graham - As a Man Thinketh in His Heart so is He
Video Travelogue by Andy Graham, I am Happy Because Friends in Montellano Dominican Republic are Everywhere
Video Travelogue by Andy Lee Graham met Charles and Luc as New Friends
Waiting at Airport Hostal Los Faroles in Guatemala City
Waking Up In Africa April 22 2015?
Where Is Andy Lee Graham?
Why I Want to Leave Guatemala or Why I Want to Leave any Country
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