My Need for Sanity in Thailand 2012 November - Where is Andy Graham

I no longer can stomach tourism, it causes an uneasy feeling, I want to hangout, talk, enjoy the day, I do not need the endless new trends in my day.

I believe that all people lives their lives on a small precipice. The lucky ones never realize how close they are to the edge, a few fall off, and most just teeter on the edge, trying to grasp onto something to keep their balance.

Save me

I am on an extremely touristy island called Koh Phangan try to carve out a small place for me, I am teetering on the edge. It is bleak, the place is diserted, it rained all yesterday, a melancholy sadness overwelms Had Rin Sunset Beach. I have no choice, either I accept seclusion, silence, or I work my way out of this blah place.

Saying Goodbye to the Lonely Planet Backpackers

Saying Hello to the Internet Flashpackers

10 years ago it was simpler to carve out a nice place to hangout, I would choose a location, then look for the Hotel that said,
"Popular with the backpackers."
Check in, hangout, and talk with Europeans aimlessly enjoying life, it was simple.

Tripadvisor Thailand

I want to,
"just say no to this Internet game, it is an ugly thing."

Had Rin beach is destroyed, there is almost no dry sand, the topless Israeli girls have found a new place, but where is this place? In the end, the art of trave is finding the great place to hangout with a sufficient amount of like-kind people.

I am on my way to Africa to see Bah, my Ivory Coast girlfriend, so mentally I am not here. Yet, I believe there is still somewhere good to hangout in Thailand until December 5th, 2012. Andrew, my partner, coder, and friend is coming from Goa, India soon, so we will met around November 24, and then I will be free to scoot on that big jetliner, taking me away from home, to Accra, Ghana.

Remember this song? I hope not, you are too old to hangout with!

It is possible that the new Visa rules have caused the slow travelers to move over to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It is amazing Thailand all right, they do not want people hanging out, and Pattaya is "Cliche." Chang Mai is probably Ok, but really a long way up country.

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Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a long way from Koh Pha Ngan, I only have 30 days, it will take me another 5-10 days to figure out where I am at on Koh Phangan. But, like I said, I enjoy hanging out in cool places.

Visa Run on 20-21 of November 2012

Thailand definitely is annoying me, I do not mind doing Visa runs, but this crazy country will only give me 15 days if cross a land border and return. And 15 days inside a country is not hanging out, 15 days is strictly tourist grade travel.

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I can make a Visa run to Ranong, and cross into Burma, or I can make a very long run to Malasia. Of course, I am lazy, I will probably go to Ranong around the 20th of November, or earliers, or whenever the wind of fancy blow.

I am fine, life is good, the sun appears to be shining hard on my curtain, maybe the sun will shine, and topless Israeli girls will come out of hiding on Had Rin beach. I doubt it, I think the beachs is gone, I must find a new beach, or maybe a good swimming pool. I will walk up and down Sunset beach, trying to find a big enough gathering of bikinis to call it a go.

I think I have 20 Robert Ludlums on my Kindle to read, I am working my way through all the Jason Bourne books. The movies is nothing like the book, maybe the movies are better, not a normal thing to happen.

My quest is to find a sunny spot, full of Israeli girls in small bikinis, a short walk from my Hotel. Whereby can lie in the sun, bake my body, get brown, lose weight and pretend I am 28 years old. If I do not find this place, I suspect I will go over the ever funky village of Ranong on the Burma border. (They do not call it Myamar there, so stop thinking, you do not know.) I can hang out, go to weird fish markets, and walk and walk, and walk some more.

It is becoming more difficult to hear the traveler talk.


Andy Graham in a 10 dollar room, with WIFI, Hot Water on Sunset Beach, near Had Rin, Koh Phagnan. The Hotel is called Black and White..

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