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I am going to Mopodji, Cote d'Ivoire, a city that is not on Google maps, unless I add it.

Mopodji Cote d’Ivoire - Does it exist?
As best I understand today, soon I will travel to Mopodji, Cote d’Ivoire with Bah to see her father. He has plantation that grows, rubber, cocoa, cola, and teak. It will be great fun to see these being grown; I am hoping he is actually using teak starts to grow the trees. This could be a lot of money for all the West Africa countries if they can successful grow teak trees.
The big question is, does a place exist, does Mopodji have a place in the world if Google Maps does not have it, or a page?
Often we think is the best, but my Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia map has Mopodji, therefore for utility reasons it is better in Ivory Coast. Often the people of Wikipedia are like tourists, they pay more attention to the famous, and not at all on the lesser locations.
This is a backdoor into Wikipedia…. Hehehe
Sadly, the IP address of many sites are blocked in Ivory Coast, this is a problem, when for example CNN does not see the countries deservers service. 
The Company was blocking me from
Strange as it sounds, the company I founded, was actually denying me service in Ivory Coast, to say the least, I was not happy.
Mopodji Cote d’Ivoire does not have electricity, and maybe is too far from an Orange Cell tower for Internet access. I am hoping, and suspect that Bah makes it appear worst than it truly is, there are normally many workaround in all villages in the world.
Internet here in Ivory Coast is Better than Thailand, but less than Guatemala. It is amazing, there is no rhyme or reason to what is possible on the planet. It does not matter how much technology, or money a country has, any poor country can pass them, or provide better for their country.
Andy Graham in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast 2012

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