Luperon Dominican Republic Travel Journal Andy Graham on Curtain Management

Andy is saying today, you need to simpliify your life.


Different people have different ideas about what it means to "simplify" one's life. There is a fine line between "simplify" and getting bored. I would like to point out that traveling around the world while maintaining a web site, being restricted to countries that have good internet service, and to hotels that have good internet service, and to have to find the equipment necessary to do live web cams, and to have to keep coming up with ideas of things to post, let alone, having to maintain a revenue stream from a web site would NOT be everyone's idea of a simple life. It is not exactly what Thoreau would have done even if he had the technology. People simplify by what they know how to do. I farm. That seems simple to me. I doubt if it would be simple to you. For the sailor who buys a boat and loves it, that is his way to simplify. Make him run a web site and he may go crazy.
Sometimes you can't see the forest because of the trees.

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