January 25, 2012 Andy Lee Graham is Moving to Puerta Plata or maybe Montellano Dominican Republic

Where Is Andy Graham? 0 January 25 2012 Andy Lee Graham is moving to Puerta Plata or maybe Montellano, Dominican Republic.

Sosua Puerta Plata Map

Today, Wednesday the 25th of January, 2012 I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic, but I am making plans to move on the end of the month.

Puerta Plata Montellano Map

Ok, I am planning to move from Sosua to both, in reality, I want to live a couple of weeks in each city, both Montellano and Puerta Plata. They are only one dolllar a way in Carro Publicos, the public transport that is incredibly good.

Andy Lee Graham is Frustrated in Sosua, Dominican Republic

I have been writing a travelogue now for 12-14 plus years, the first one ever was sent as a group e-mail from Antigua, Guatemala in about 1999. I then wrote about 200 plus newsletters, then switched to the Blog system in August of 2002 when I went to Iraq.

I am not a happy camper with my Blog, and I am sure many readers are very confused, because I am, so for sure they are. I think my Mother wants me to return to the old format, whatever that is, and truthfully, there is no way to do this. I suppose the big change was when I stopped including all the writing inside the e-mail and forced readers to go the site to read. Trust me, I do not like doing that, I would rather include all the typing inside and e-mail sent to you, but there is no good way to make money that way. In the end, I am a prisoner to money, all this noise I make cost me money. Just the hosting or our two sites on two dedicated servers cost about 550-600 U.S. per month.

Then the "GOD"ggle and and Facebook Problem

I believe that Google has peaked, the board of directors is trying desparately to show profits for investors. They are doing some truly stupid things, they are making enemies of all the people who helped them in the past.

Facebook has made anyone and everyone think their "Face" is something of value, in a way, everyone is now a Blogger, a writer, a creator of original content. The whole world is writing and Blogging.

I am just Andy Graham in Sosua, trying to enjoy life.

My life is good, but in many ways, my life could be considered boring, what makes a life good is not always what people want to read about. For example, I enjoy having the kitchen here in Sosua, but that does not make for good reading for the readers of this Blog, but it does make my life good.

I can write some truly great travel tips, that are boring to readers.

Andrew, my partner pointed out, if you make 60 videos in a row on how to find a cheap room, you are going to bore readers to death. So, I gave reader a break, and slowed down.

I am moving to Montellano, and why?

Sosua for

Sosua is a the word above, it is full of girls, 99 percent of the women here are the word that begins with HOOK, and end with an "ers."

What that means, is I have to listen 24/7 to men talk about who and what they did last night, which is entertaing for awhile in a soap opera way, but at the end of the day, boring.

I wan to live around normal people who are doing normal things, but the DR is also an incredibly dangerourous place. I was in a hotel in Montellano, and the owner is telling me about his gun. I did not think much about it, but riding in the public car home, I thought to myself.
"Have I ever heard and owner of a hotel talking about his gun?"

Yes, there are armed guards at many hotels, but that is not the same. Truly the Hotel and Apartment in the Domincian Republic resemble jail cells, they all have bars on the outside. I must open a set of bars to enter, when I was at Ana house, it took three keyed entries to enter the house, bar wire is alive here.

Last night I went to eat chicken, a tall Dominican had a pistol tucked into the back of his pants. I think this is the only country where I have seen this, in Mexico, I saw few mean with pistols on their sides.

Guatemala is incredibly safe in comparison to here in Sosua.

But, Sosua has the best room for the money, off the plane, with the least amount of hassles. I rent a room for 200 to 300 so easy, with kitchen, Internet, etc, it is the best on the planet, yet is a Broth and is dangerous, a Gringo gets killed 1-3 times per month. But, the are not the best, sort of trailor trash or inner city gang guys, or Russian mafia types.

Montellano is the feeder city, so in a way, both Montelllano or Puerta Plata has all the girls feeding Sosua, the big Broth thing. But, I am hoping they are all pretending to be nice girls and keep their noise down.

I found out a new thing, do not call me "Baby." or "Papi." it truly makes me angry. I hate being called "Dude," another great way to get banned from my world, to be erased.

What is great about Montellano?

Well, I am small town Indiana, I like people to say hello, Sosua for the most part is New York, it is never say hi. But, if I walk around in Montellano, the people say hello, they are curious, they want to become friends. Sosus is the tourist money, but has great infrastructure for Gringos.

The electricity in the DR makes Africa, Ghana, Kenya or Togo seem modern, the electricity here is about as bad as it gets. I am in the Sosua tourist bubble, where they make sure we do not know how bad the country really is, but in Montellano the man explained it is off a lot.

I want normal locals, and Montelanno is small town DR, that is my goal.

USB Modem Internet Access

I purchased for 1695 Pesos, a 30 day USB modem from Claro, it is suppose to give me 3 Gigs of transfer, and I hope works in Montellano. I had to stand in line in the Claro office for an hour to get it yesterday. Hmm, 1600 Pesos is about 45 U.S.

Hopefully, I can do the live webcam and you can see me on the beach. If you sign up, you will get a username and password, and you can watch me live.

This link: https://www.hobotraveler.com/members/

I am going to Tweet when I am online, and on that page, we now have a way for me to tell viewer what is happening. I am excited in a way, I am thinking about teaching a Spanish Class. I have a truly great method for anyone to learn Spanish.

But, I want to finish this book, go to the USA and drive a van around the USA soon. I need to work on it more, it is very close to finished.

I do not like to live in the big B, so I am leaving. But, I will still return for one dollar to go to beach, or to listen to men, who are convinced they are women killers, who in reality pay big to prove it is still working with the help of pills.

I am amazed at the lies and fantasy we as humans surroud ourselves with, but in the end, all is good. All people are ok, they just sing different songs.

But a Hook from here is tough, they are not nice girls, the are like the one in the movies, the ones in Asia are nice and happy. This is a New York way of life, and I am from Indiana, and have little use for New York.

Life is Good!

Andy Lee Graham

Google Interactive Map of Sosua Area 

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Please do not be offended. This is an honest question. Why do you keep moving? What are you looking for?


Why do you stay in one location?


I have moved to follow jobs, family. I am not saying your way is wrong. Your life sounds adventureous to me. I also understand your point, that sometimes posessions own you. It is of value, to be able to ask someone that has been to a place, and say, what is good there, what are the people like, where is the danger, what is the cost, where is the value....I stay to be close to, and watch out for family. I would not recommend oklahoma, or texas, or kansas, unless tornados appeal to you. Idaho, especially northern idaho, is almost like heaven, especially the forests. Arizona has beautiful canyons, and ruins, also forests, and is good if the cold is hard on you.


I move because of curiousity, I have a never-ending story of new things to see and learn about. I enjoy understanding human nature, and believe that I am abnormal, the normal person wants to live in one place, and stay busy by working. They are hoarder, they buy things to hoard and feel the power of possesion. I do not have a family, but suspect if I had a family I would live the same as you, but I do not, so I have thie lifestyle. I wish there was a reason for why we do things, but suspect there is not a reason, I think we are all more or less just cows rambling through life.

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