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It is Time to Leave Montellano Dominican Republic - Where Is Andy Graham

Where Is Andy Graham? Today is March 3, 2012, I have started collecting my stuff to move somewhere else in the DR, but soon to the USA.


I called my mother yesterday with Skype, and said,
"I am planning to come home around March 25, 2012."

She says,
"It is too cold here, you should stay."
"Yes, but that is still 25 days away, and the weather will change."

Mom knows how to scare me.
"It is cold."

Hmm, what is up with that?

My father has cancer, and there appears to be more than normal problems this month, therefore I will delay until April something to return to the USA. I know my mother, there is no way to return to the USA without engaging her brain. Being, that Dad should be occupying the majority of it, the good son would, could, and should be considerate and not take up an portions of my mother brain.

I understand getting older, Dad and Mom are around the age of 78, I am not good at remembering this age thing. I believe I am 56, but could be wrong.

Whatever, presently I am going to give my Mother and Father another 10-30 days, which translates to... why stay in Montellano for another month, I am bored here.

Where to go in the Dominican Republic?

This is my list of possible locations:

1. Puerto Plata, I need to get an X-ray of my Sacroiliac.

2. Luperon, a sailboat harbor.

3. Monte Cristi, a city on the coast closer to Haiti.

4. Jarabacoa, high elevation city.

5. Dajabon, village at the border of DR and Haiti.

6. Samana, a tourist location, and maybe has whales. 

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I vote go to 2. Luperon, a sailboat harbor, it would be great to see some pics/videos of sailboats there....thanks


I vote to fly to Orlando, Fl buy a used camper similar to for about $3k and be able to go home on a moments notice. I would travel around the US staying in Walmart, Kmart, and most any mall area parking lots for free. Use free or almost free camp grounds for a dump. Using MacDonalds, Whataburgers etc for the internet access for free. You won't have to worry about the cold. At the end of your travels here sell the camper for as much or more than you paid for it.


I went and rented a room for 2 days in Puerto Plata, I will be there on Sunday and Monday night. I want to get an x-ray of my sacroilliac area. Johnny S wants to go to Luperon, so I will go, find a place, and he says he will come there.


Sorry to hear about your dad.


I found an article that I thought you might find interesting. It was at . It was titled how to drive across the country for free. The story, in short, detailed how some companys, there was a link to one, would give you a free vehicle, and in some instances a gas allowance to deliver a vehicle from point a to b. In effect helping with travel cost. The trick would be to find one wishing to go where you wanted to. I wonder if rv rentals need this service also. just a thought. Lynn

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