IRL Christmas 2011

IRL In Real Life - Christmas 2011 - Where Is Andy Graham the writer for, he is in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Roberry Sosua Dominican Republic

I.R.L. probably correct usage may be IRL, this is an acronym used by chatter on the Internet.

On Friday, the 23 of December, 2011 an Israel man by the name of Yoran got mugged walking from the Sosua Bay Grand Casino to the New Garden Hotel here in Sosua, Dominican Republic at around 5:00 am in the morning.


Two men, one walking and another on a Motorcycle Taxi tried to rip a gold chain off his neck, he fought off his attackers and returned to the New Garden Hotel. Whereby, he called the Police, and they asked for a bribe to go search for the robbers, he did not pay them.


This is "In Real Life," or maybe the people using this acronym say "RL."

In real life, I have proceeded to listen to tourists and residents of Sosua come up with some juicy rationalizations explaining why crime in Sosua is not a problem. They want to believe an illusion, this is dangerous, and they tell the illusion to others to in denial of reality.

I am not worried about the extreme amount of crime and murder in Sosua.

"Sosua, Dominica Republic today is the most dangerous location I have ever lived in my life."
- Andy Graham 13 Years of Perpetual travel and lived in 90 countries

I am in Sosua, and the people living in, or coming as tourists to Sosua love the place, it has one of the better Expat beaches on the planet. However, I do not live here, I try to be savvy enough to see identifiers of reality. For example, everyone here lives behind steel door about the same as a Jail, there is a reason for the barb wire, many people need to unlock 2-3 doors of bars to enter their homes.

You do not say a place is safe, when living inside a jail cell security system, to keep the criminals out.

However, a reality check is needed, and I will continue to write about what is real in Sosua, and this cost me money. I now have a website called,

There are many reason to go live abroad in any location, and there are many reasons to avoid destinations abroad. Sosua is a horrible place for a family with two children, or my mother and father.

I feel shame writing on the Internet.

I remember when a Real Estate Agent from Fort Wayne, Indiana friend of mine wrote me an e-mail and it said,

I wrote him back, what does that mean, he said "Laugh Out Loud." I truly did not suspect him of being knowledgeable of chat. I have never chatted with anonymous people, I enjoy RL too much.

The Internet is 99.50 Percent Crap - 1 in 500 sites is honest!
- I feel shame, I do not believe in the Internet anymore.

There is a growing disconnect between reality, people worldwide are embracing a new dysfunctional lifestyle. Where delusions, illusions, and fantasies are more important than reality. I know by inducing my friends, family, and acquaintances to read this on the Internet, I am encouraging them to become dysfunctional. I need to start telling them to avoid, or at least clearly tell them safe sites.

99.50 percent of the Internet is misrepresentations of reality, lies, and I am almost to the point where asked, I normally say,
"Do not trust anything on the Internet."
--- "Maybe,"

Here we are today, this company, just launched 100 Expatriate Live Abroad Sites.

I am in a real moral dilemma:

How to keep the 100 sites reality based?

How to grow a site, when I know I need to stop 499 of the 500 people who could contribute?

How to check the facts and data on the 100 sites?

Well, that is my job, and I will get it done, I think I need to pay to have information collected.

Christmas IRL 2011

I hope my close friends and family, readers, in the next few years strive to find real people, and stay off the Internet. It is great tool, and a horrible playground, a great place to buy items on, while Facebook is extremely dangerous to our children., the on line encyclopedia give facts and data, while you can search for medical information and all the articles are advertisements pretending to be facts.

I have a Facebook account, and I want to close it, but because I make money with from traffic, I do not not. Do I need the money?

I did not know the acronym, IRL until today, I learned it on this page of while doing research.

Serenity in life comes from clarity.
Clarity is accepting real life, on life's terms.
A real and honest life makes people proud.
Happiness is easy to find when one is proud of our real lives.







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