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I Am In Fort Wayne Indiana March 2012 - Where Is Andy Graham

I Am In Fort Wayne Indiana March 2012 - Where Is Andy Graham

i am freezing here in the USA, it is still too cold for comfortable travel. i am writing this on my Kindle because i do not want to walk five blocks to McDonalds at seven in the morning. i am in travel hell, my freedom to wander around is nothing. i must purchase a car or van. This USA roadtrip is going to require i live uncomfortably and make some big payments of money. My friend Mike is a Saint.

i can rent a Motel room for 550 per month with Internet. But the location is far away frommy friends, but close to all the truckers.

II am fine, however I know why I enjoy living in the tropical countries. The cold weather doubles or triples the amount of time to stay comfortable. i must do things to stay comfortable, I must fight against cold obstacles.

II am grateful I have a job and money, unlike 10-20% of my fellow Americans. I should thank the good Gods. 

John Tadpole

Welcome home Andy. Spring will soon envelop you so look out for the beauty. We have been following you for all your years and you have always adapted to your next environment. Enjoy and we are looking forward to your view of the many faceted US.
john tadploe


The USA is very clean, green, and pretty, and quiet, so that is wonderful. The distances between building is huge, I am amazed at how much space there is, and how far I must walk to do what always seem simple. The distance to a convenience store is almost not walking distance, it will be interesting to covert myself from a walker to a person who drives cars.


Its 85 here in Tampa Florida, but then the same problem with driving and I doubt you can find a room for $10 per night on this planet........glad your back in the USA and it will be interesting to follow your progress. I know of a van for sale in Tennessee for $1400 if your interested. TL


Time slowly solves all problems, it is nice to be back in the USA.

Neil V

You can shower at Pilot Truck stops for a few dollars. Just you alone, nothing weird, and they clean the showers between patrons.

If finding the right van is a problem, just find an alternative for showering. There are churches, gyms, city/county gym facilities that offer use of showers for free or for a nominal fee. And of course, there are homeless shelters in all the major cities. You are technically homeless - right.


I am not sure the Hotels that rent room by the month for 550 are on the Internet. However, on the edges of any small city in the USA, you can find this type of deal. If you want though, Craigs list works also.

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