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Earthquake And Dale Marsh Is Dying At Lago Atitlan Guatemala - Where Is Andy Graham

Earthquake And Dale Marsh Is Dying At Lago Atitlan Guatemala - September 20, 2011 in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago Atitlan by Andy Graham.

Dale Marsh in the Hospital - Yesterday was stressful, an old man by the name of Dale Marsh is in the Hospital he has nobody to take care of him or be his guardian. We think he had a stroke,or maybe a brain hemorrhage, nonetheless his brain is probably damaged. Whatever the case, Dale is in a horrible situation, and there is no clarity.

We contacted Dwight, who I understand to be a representative here in Pana for the United States Embassy. It is difficult to know what to do, however, the only organization that is capable of knowing is the Embassy. We have no knowledge of family, and the only documents that may be clues is the application for a passport that Dale completed. Maybe that application has clues as to family or people who know him from his life in the USA.

If Dales brain is damaged, he will need 24 hour per day help, and because he has done nothing to arrange anything he more or less is a ward of the state.

Earthquake Guatemala

Earthquake in Guatemala I received maybe five e-mails from people asking,
"Are you OK, we are hearing about an earthquake in Guatemala?"

NOTHING happened here on Lake Atitlan, I did not even feel it, but it is possible others did.

It is weird, maybe strange, but information like this is not apparent or obvious in underdeveloped countries. It is possible the locals hear news, but I do not believe so, they often appear less knowledgeable than the gringos. However, today the newspaper will maybe tell the story.

Whatever the situation on the Earthquake, we heard about it too late to be helpful. There are three volcanoes on this lake, and I believe this makes the whole area prone to seismic or earthquake activity.

Updates to the Site Confusing Readers We did many changes to the format of the Travel Blog, this has confused many readers, but in reality had increased readership. I am going to now include this more personal type of update, whereby readers can understand my day to day activities better.


Sorry to read about Dale and his sickness.


Dale died today, there will be visiting time at the Bomberos Wednesday, September 21, 2011 between 12 and 4:00 pm.


Sorry to hear that you lost a friend. I hope you find his family.


Sorry to hear about Dale. It's unfortunate that life's circumstances led him to want to stay by himself in Guatemala. Not that it's a bad place - just that he wanted to be alone. He looked happy in the photo tho. DZ


glad that you were there to help him in the end. You are a good and nice man.

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