Andy Lee Graham Blog Before the Parade Started in Montellano Dominican Republic and why AA Batteries are Best

Video explaining how the parade is about to start, and how AA batterie are better.

Page Turner

Nice haircut. Look healthier than usual. Must be a better place to enjoy for a few months.


This is my experience re cameras and batteries. The cameras that I have owned that used AA batteries used a LOT of AA batteries. They were also fat cameras that did not fit well in my pocket. I have a small collection of AA cameras that I no longer use. My much preferred camera of late is the Canon ELPH 300. I buy them on Amazon and always buy three to five extra batteries when I buy the camera. The extra batteries can be bought for $1 or 2 each. I always have three extra batteries ready to go when the one in the camera dies. With just a little planning, proprietary batteries should not be a problem. They can also save you a lot of money.


I do not live in the USA.... hehehe


Canon ELPH 300 5.63 plus shipping per battery on


$5.67 is the price for a package of 2 batteries + $3 shipping or about $4.30 per battery still beats the hell out of buying AA's . If you bought 8 batteries, the shipping is still $3. this brings the cost close to $3/battery.

This is todays price. I have bought them for less on Amazon. According to some of the reviews, the cheap batteries work as well as the expensive batteries. IDK. The cheap batteries have worked well for me.

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