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2014 September 5 Enter Norway Leave The Usa - Where Is Andy Graham

I flew into Oslo, Norway September 5, 2014 with airlines.

Sun, 7 Sep 2014 09:42:05

My sister came an picked me up in Orland, Indiana, drove me to the Fort Wayne airport roughly 50 miles away. She left, I walked in and discovered the United Airlines flight to Orlando was cancelled because of rains in Chicago. I waited in line, and while waiting I ran over to American Eagle, a.ka. American Airlines and asked them if they had a flight. They had a flight, so while standing waiting for United to do something, the ladies were, "Out to Lunch" mentally, I suggest the flight to Chicago with American Eagle. She change the flight, I went over with a booking ticket, and the man instantly re-booked me into a transfer in Dallas, really making the United team seem stupid.

The question that arose?

I had two ticket, bought separately on the Internet:

1 from Fort Wayne to Orlando, Florida, for 162 dollars

1 from Orlando, Florida to Oslo, Norway 200 Dollars

What happens if I could not find a flight, it was cancelled, would I lose the ticket from Orlando to Oslo?


All worked out, I arrived as plan, but it is dangerous to book two tickets that are in no way related.

Andy Graham

I entered Norway.