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2014 May 28 Entered Ecuador Left USA - Where Is Andy Graham?

On May 28, 2014 I entered Cuence, Ecuador after leaving Orland, Indiana. I flew out of Chicago ORD. Where Is Andy Graham?

Thu, 29 May 2014 22:46:38

Hello friends,

It has been a long haul, on the 27 of May, at 8:00 am I left Orland, Indiana; my mother and sister drove me to the South Bend Airport. Then boarded a USA Coach bus for 40 USD that went directly to Chicago ORC, O'Hare.

Vilcabamba Ecuador Map Location

At 3:50, my Aviana / Taca flight left, transit in El Salvador, then stopped in Quito, where I slept in the Airport for 7 hours until Aeregal Flight, seems to be part of the Avianca company left for Cuenca.

When I arrived in Cuenca, I went to the Hostal El Capitolio. Sadly the Hotel was empty, even though number two listed in the Lonely Planet. Sort of proof the Lonely Planet is head for disaster zones.

Well, no hot water at 2500 meters / 8730 feet, rain, and needed a jacket made it a no brainer, already time to leave for Vilcabamba. Therefore I made a 5 hour bus trip to Vilcabamba south, going down to 5000 feet, or 1500 meters, at this level the climate as is perfect as it gets on planet earth.

I am now in a 20 dollar room, that went down to 12.50 because I am paying for a month. It is called Jardin Escondido, one of the best in town.

BonTempBob walked me around the city of 7000 people, and helped me find the Hotel.

Thanks, I will make hundreds of videos from here: 

 Andy Lee Graham, 16 plus years of non-stop travel, 90 plus countries.

Map of where Vilcabamba, Ecuador is located on Planet.