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2014 January 28 Enter Togo Leave Benin Forget Tanguieta

I went to Tanguieta, Benin north of Natitingou, decided it sucked, and went back to Kara, Togo because I want to take a shower.

Went North to Tanguieta, Benin, decide the place sucks, and returned to Naitingou, Benin. After standing on the edge of the road for awhile, decided to make the trip back to Kara, Togo to get a shower, a normal one.

Tanguieta Benin


I carry a plastic bucket in my backpack, and a water heater. I almost always get a decent shower. The amount of dirt come from the well water was too high in the "Hotel" Palais Somba in Natitingou, Benin. (Auberge) Therefore after two weeks in the hotel, the dirt in the water was building up on my hair. So yes, I move countries to get a good shower. Too silly in so many ways, often tourists just have willful blindness, I as in one of the top three most popular hotels in Natitingou. Tourists seldom rate hotels for quality of services, more whether the other tourist want to be there. That is why gaming the guidebooks and tripadvisor is necessary by hotels. I like the hotel because the walls are about a foot thick, and make the room cooler.

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Tanguieta, Benin was a wash. title=