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2014 January 2 Entered Ghana And Left Ghana - Where Is Andy Graham

Ghana only gave me 10 days permission to enter, so after realizing that Tatale, Ghana, and the path ahead was miserable, I returned to Togo.

Fri, 3 Jan 2014 06:59:23

I call this a bounce, when you enter a city, country of location and just decide it better to leave, abort the mission. The worst thing a traveler does is tolerate a situation that can be easily remedied by leaving.

Blessing in disguise, the police station in Kara, Togo gave me a one year visa to Togo for 15,000 CFA.

Tatale, Ghana

If you look close, it is the city just across the border from Togo, that is

Maybe the same location as Nakpa...

How about this, living in a city that does not make the map.

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Tatale Ghana

I think of Ghana as the country of noisy churches, one of them places infested with Churches, and where every english speaking missionary goes. More or less a little Nigeria, but Christian.

Entered Tatale, Ghana and decided to turn around and go back to Kara, Togo.