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2014 August 7 Leave Ecuador Enter Orland Indiana - Where Is Andy Graham

I finished that grueling trip from Vilcabamba, Ecuador to my home town of Orland, Indiana, and I am grateful to be here, soon to Norway.

Fri, 8 Aug 2014 07:37:48


This is the first time I left a city, with the knowledge, I will never return.

Although Ecuador is a good country, and Vilcabamba has a perfect climate, in the end, I would rather live in my boring little happy town of Orland, Indiana than in Vilcabamba, or Cuenca Ecuador. They are more of what I do not like about the USA, than America itself.

On a bright spot, I am looking forward to going to Norway for a few days, then fling to Croatia, moving around in countries of Southeastern Europe for 4 months, and returning for Christmas of 2014.

My father died last year, so I will be stopping in the USA more than normal, to be with family, it is part of life, and my family is special. I am a very grateful man.

I keep thinking about my journeys today, and my life is a life worth living. It is a life that most anyone can claim, but few can pull themselves away from the goal to be rich, to buy, to have, to possess. It hurts me to see how people have such pride in the things they buy.

We each must claim our happiness, and I have claimed, and own mine. I blame myself for my life.

I an Andy Lee Graham, 90 plus years of non-stop world travel, and 90 countries. life is indeed good for me.

Andy Lee Graham - August 8, 2014 in Orland, Indiana

Ecuador to Orland Indiana

Took a bus from Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Cuenca, stayed the night, flew from Cuena to Quito, then another flight to Chicago, with a stopover in El Salvador. Took the bus from Chicago to the South Bend Airport, where my sister and mom met me to bring me to Orland, Indiana.