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2013 July 11 – Left USA, Entered Dominican Republic

Where is Andy Graham? I am on a cheap Caribbean island, staying in an AC, Wi-Fi, kitchen-equipped apartment I rented for U.S. $300 per month.

I have arrived in Sosua, Dominican Republic, a truly great place to hang out for a couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I do not love DR, but I do I really love the American expat colony here in Sosua. The Americans that come for months are great, and the weekend warriors are just normal, annoying Americans.

Dominican Republic

I am paying U.S. $300 a month for an apartment with Wi-Fi, AC, stove, fridge, hot water, shower, etc. at Johnny’s place. I have a huge, flat-screen TV in my room with cable.

Sosua is the only destination on the planet where I can find an apartment-style room for the correct value by just arriving, no reservations and no plans. Room are easy to find anywhere on the planet; it is having a kitchen included that is difficult to find.

The way to eat what you want is to cook it.

For U.S. $300 per month, I have everything I need, and eating for U.S. $6.60 dollars per day is easy anywhere, unless you have the greedy glutton problem that seems epidemic. Sosua is, for sure, a U.S. $500 per month place – and fantastic on U.S. $1,500- 2,000. Try to empathize: Not everyone on the planet has tons of money. We all deserve the good life, some more than others.

I walked to the Playero Supermarket, and as best I can surmise, the cost of food there is 3-5 times more Walmart in Angola, Indiana. For example, a bag of frozen corn is 125 Dominican pesos (U.S. $2.93), and I can buy the same type of bag in Walmart for U.S. $1.

Notice how I got specific. That is my goal. But I could care less if you come here; it is best if the average American stays home. If they would outlaw rental cars, this place would be heaven. I think the car turns average humans into primitive, violent animals, whereas walking makes people saintly.

I am not in love with any place, but there are places on the planet I would rather be. Yet all destinations are money sensitive. New York City and Paris would be wonderful on a U.S. $1,000 per day budget, but West Africa on U.S. $20 per day is heaven.

I am on my way to Africa, and taking the long way, I go anywhere I want and search for groups of people who are not busy. It always makes me sad to hear a 50-year-old people say that they are busy. Fifty years of practice at living, yet they haven’t learned to manage their time and life. They need to be put out of their misery, or at least kept caged up inside USA culture and customs.

Note: I offer a U.S. $500 “Learn to Live Outside the USA Tour.”

If you pay me U.S. $500, I will help you come to Sosua and live cheaply, including helping you find an apartment, learn to walk again, and learn to love life. This is just my fee; you will pay your own expenses. But if you have U.S. $1,000-2000, you are in like Flinn. More or less, I help you adjust for a couple of weeks, meet you at the airport, and make life easier than you ever imagined.

Today is July 12, 2013. “To take advantage of this special offer,” come to Sosua, Dominican Republic, within next 30 days, or meet me in Africa later.

Andy Graham


No Lake Atitlan this year?


No Lago Atitan, it is the perfect climate, I love the Guatemalans, I enjoy the young backpacker there, but the older P.H.D.'s are annoying. One of my friends on Lago Atitlan calls them,
"Post Hippie Dippies." PHD.

It would be OK to be married there, I am going back to Africa, 10 times better than here, Sosua or Lago Atitlan. The violence in Sosua is growing, they now have military guys walking around, I think to keep the police under control.


I am from New York City originally, I also grew up as a child in small towns in USA, never in the 'suburbs' except for a short time and I was miserable, in big city NY you know everyone on the 'block' and vice versa, in small towns everyone knows you and vice versa and in both I learned to walk, after my licence was taken in Mass. I moved to NYC so would not need a car, I only bought a car after I got my residency in Guatemala so I could run tours and keep busy, sitting in Gringo watering holes all day dangerous for me as Alcohol and I did not get along. Anyway, same offer from me in El Salvador, where "Life is Beach" on $1000 a month or less, our supermarkets are far cheaper than in Sousa and we have Pricesmart for bulk purchases, good prices if you have a family and a kitchen, I have 2 microwaves, a blender and cook for myself buy food at market or 'comedor' comida a la served as you see it $1.75 up for lunch, buy $5 worth of food, have lunch and a big dinner, go out with friends, have fun, more women than men here, friendly natives, rents are cheap except in highly 'upscale' areas where people live behind walls and razor wire and drive everywhere, visit 2 ex pat designed web portals from El Tunco Beach and from Colonial Suchitoto north of San Salvador, will give you the Magic Tour call me on Magic Jack a USA number and leave message, I can call you back free, if connection breaks up will call you back, call (631)609-8864 leave message, or join my Facebook Travel and Tips open group and ask a question will send all my contact info. on Facebook private message ask for Moderator to message you, friend of mine here from USA married to a native has a Hostel/Hotel and will give you a good discount if you stay by week or month, reserve in advance FB page is best part of town, backpacker dorm beds $8 pp, private room, shared bath $10 pp, private rooms bath $25 double, 4 Star Rooms $42 double/triple, wi fi, cable and PC for guests in lobby, books, travel information, local tours to Volcano, Beaches, Colonial and Craft towns if required, Taxi discount fare to guests and pick up at International Bus terminals if arranged in advance, nobody else but a handful of persons involved in tourism and travel were providing these services to guests, let alone give out information on line in English, most young travelers that stop by are not fluent in Spanish many here in El Salvador for their first time. Only 5 hours by Bus from Guatemala but a world away, cordial saludos Donald Lee, Rep for 'expatinformationguide' in El Salvador.

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