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2013 February 8 Leave Natitingou Benin Enter Kara Togo - Where Is Andy Graham

Where Is Andy Graham?

2013 February 8 Leave Natitingou Benin enter Kara Togo

I am demonstrating by accident, that a person one can freely travel about with public transport in West Africa if you speak passable French.

I decided to follow the path of Marc the French guy who lives in Lome, Togo back into Togo for 3-5 days. Then we will travel back to Lome, where I will apply for a visa to Nigeria and he will go back to working on the house he purchased.

Benin Kids

Yes, these are separate countries, but in reality, they are smaller than most American states, entering and leaving a country is not a problem.

I have a
3 Year Multiple Entry Visa to Ghana
One Year Multiple Entry Visa to Togo
3 Month Visa to Benin

More or less, get the Ghana Visa in your home country, and all the Visa Ducks will fall into line.

Kara Togo Map

West Africa transportation is a confusing game, but if a person refuses to enter a van, only looking for the small passenger cars called Cinq Place, and then live is good.

I realized, I wanted to go to Natitingou, Benin badly, but could care less about going south to Cotonou. I have visited Benin before, and at the end of the day, I am very familiar with Lome, Togo and I can maybe pull all the right strings to get a Nigeria Visa there better.

Video of Children in Cinq Place Car

If you watch the video below, there is a small four year old girl on my lap. She seems quiet, with in two minutes of shutting the camera off, she laid back, fell asleep for around 20 minutes.

She slowly nuzzled her head back into my neck, she was hot, and I could feel the perspiration on her heads.

She was out, asleep, and I had a moment, I asked myself,
“Has a child ever fallen asleep on my lap?”
I think the answer is,

I do not have children, and love them; they are precious little inquisitive people, for the most part free of any hostile thoughts. This little girl bounce along on my lap, I tried to keep her comfortable, and tenderly woke her when arrived in Kara, Togo.

Truly make my day, if not month to have a small full of love child feel safe enough to fall asleep.

I suppose I should have got married, and had children, the good Gods just have not granted me that gift.

But all in all life is Great, and better each day.

Andy Graham
Kara, Togo, West Africa February 2013

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Ouake Benin
Andy Graham in Togo / Benin