May 27, 2013 - Left Togo and Entered Orland, Indiana, USA

Where is Andy Graham? I am in Orland, Indiana, USA, a small town of 400 people, helping my Dad as he slowly dies from cancer.

It is nice be back in Orland, Indiana. It is a culture I understand, no matter how far away I travel. This is my home.

The Waltons

I returned to the USA to work with family to help Dad. My father is dying from cancer. All hope of a cure is over, and he will die from prostrate cancer that spread to his back. Our family will do our best to allow him die gracefully, painlessly and as happy as possible.

He is happy, even while stubbornly accepting that he needs help to stand, move, eat, drink and enter the toilet.

Death slowly beats on the door, requesting that we accept his decision, and we seem to say, “No, not today.”

And dad hasn't given up hope yet. He says, “I would like a sandwich. And will you please turn on the TV? The White Socks are playing today.”

I am here to help Dad choose the best seat on the bus.

I thank the good Gods,

Andy Graham

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