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2013 December 10 Entered Togo Leaving Benin - Where Is Andy Graham

2013 December 10 Entered Togo Leaving Benin - I spent one week in Natitingou, and decided I want to spend Christmas in Togo.

Thu, 12 Dec 2013 20:01:04

I traveled by collective taxi from Natitingou, Benin to Kara, Togo on December 10, 2013. Tuesday appears to be the best day to travel, as there is a Market in Kara, and one in Kassou, so the local people are making the trip, and the collective cars fill up fast.

Togo border crossing at Kara

Why did I leave Benin, I want to spend Christmas in Kara, where I know the bed, the sheets, and the home. I have better entertainment infrastructure, I can keep myself busy while the world celebrates Christmas and New Years, and I wait for it to pass, of almost no value to me, other than the locals will probably keep talking about gifts, and I will promise them tomorrow, a day that never arrives.

I need to leave Togo, and reenter, pay my 15,000 CFA for a 7 day visa, and extend it for one year. The last day of my Togo visa is on January 4, so I must leave the country for a border run. I will go to Ghana for a couple of weeks. I am probably going to cross from Kara directly west into Ghana, and enter the city of Savelugu, where they are supposed to have a factory making mosquito larvicide’s, this is chemical that kills the eggs, larva in the water. I have learned that killing mosquitoes is inefficient, best to manage the water systems to stop Malaria; it is a small amount of territory than the whole city.

I just made with Google Maps, they have changed the dashboard and I made it more complicated. This continuous learning of new systems is annoying. They did this update as best I can surmise only to force me to use Google plus.

The whole trip cost seven dollars, and maybe 2-3 hours, an easy trip, but very confusing for people.

When in Kara, say “Ketao.”
When in Ketao, say “Kassou.”
When in Kassou, say “Djoudou.”

The way to screw this up is to talk in sentence, just say you destination and the people will dump you into a car.

Truly this is the biggest problem for world travelers, they want to understand, they want to know, and they want to micromanage travel when in reality, the people of transport will get you from place to place, providing you keep pronouncing the destinations correctly and never stop saying the final location. Do not talk in full sentence, just say your destination, my people befuddle the thing because they want to talk, as if then need someone to listen to them.

They are sort of amazing in Togo and Benin, if you do not ask the price, they will give you the correct price, while when you ask, and they then inflate it. Ask the people in the car, not the driver, that is how you know best.

Andy Graham Kara, Togo December 2013

This is an easy trip, but people call up Hotels, or Guides and make it difficult, or believe they need large buses, or to drive their own car, like compound interest of problems.

Trip between Djougou and Kara, Togo.