2012 October 7 Enter USA Leave Guatemala - Where is Andy Graham

Where Is Andy Graham? I am leaving Guatemala and entering to the USA, this will outline my future travel plans.

I will fly from Guatemala City to Detroit, Michigan today, then an onward flight to Indianapolis, Indiana. By 2:30 PM Monday, I will be talking with my parents.

There is no adventure in flying around the world because it is almost impossible to not arrive at your destination. I can guarantee anyone can do this trip. An adventure is when you can get killed along the way, flying on planes is not an adventure, it is travel torture.

Soon I will talk with Andrew, Boy Genius from India in Thailand, and then talk with Bah (La Belle Africaine) in Kumasi, Ghana.

World Map Andy

Buying plane tickets, arranging times, dates, and Visas is a hassle, but nobody should ever look up to someone, or admire people who buy plane tickets. Then why don't people travel the world? It is priorities, I would rather see the planet than own a TV or Car, or House.

I believe I started this journey 14 years ago, just because I wanted a life less normal.

Thank you,
Andy Graham



Why Detroit Andy? Is it because it's the only direct flight back to US or do you have a personal reason and will visit somewhere near Detroit?
Reason I ask anyone this question is it is one of the worst cities in the US today. A pit is putting it mildly. Not exactly a tourist mecca.
I know of what I speak I was brought up there and have happily avoided it ever since I departed.
Michigan does have very nice areas and even Detroit has a couple but not enough I would waste my money on it.
Enjoy your long journey and I agree plane trips are boring, in the states I prefer to drive and take a lot of back roads and time than fly.


Amazon must have been very good to you... That had to have cost quite a bag of shells for that itinerary...Even budget airlines...

But I am glad you'll get back before I leave Pana... I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee because if it wasn't for your video of your interview with Chris S I would have never known about Pana and I wouldn't be going there for a month to check it out for permanent residency. :)


Hello again Nabashalam! Me too, and thanks to Andy as well. I managed to sell off my massive pile of stuff to the 90percent level, almost gave it away... but its gone now. no more 400 dollar a month storage fees... no more $350 a month vehicle expenses shortly either... the rest I will get rid of over the next 30 days.. I should be in Pana or Antiqua by next spring for 6 months.

I am going to check out Quatamala entirely and learn spanish and all the ropes about doing my on line consulting from there. It should beat hell out this rat race in the US.


Hello Andy! Wonderful job you did with the ring for Bah! That should be one great day and maybe one great life there after. I wish you two the very best of life and all it has to offer.

Maybe Bah will go world traveling with you! That would be something... with one slightly jaded but wide eyed young lady on her first plane ride.

I got rid of most of my stuff last week.. what a relief.. I will be ready to leave by early spring, maybe sooner. first stop will be in Panachelle while I get my feet wet. I will stay for 6 months on their extended visa offer. My plan is to work another 5 or 10 years then die an expat in a small place with maid service among people i had been able to help a bit. I am getting too old to chase women, its a good thing I got my full run of that earlier.

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