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2012 June 13 Andy Lee Graham entered Panajachel Guatemala

Where Is Andy Lee Graham of, I am now in Panajachel, Guatemala, I came to finish my book.

Fri, 22 Jun 2012 08:02:40


Where is Andy Lee Graham today?
June, July, August 2012?

I am in one of the greatest places to hangout on planet earth.

"You never need heating here, you never need air conditioning here, and for 140-175 USD you can have a private hotel room with TV, WIFI, Hot Water and often a Kitchen to use."

USA Road Trip - The No Fun Trip

I was on a USA Road Trip and came to the conclusion I was violating the
"Prime Directive of Travel."

- To Enjoy Myself.... not you, not my family, but me.

And, that I was not being "pure," which means being true to the traveler code, and I truly do not expect you to understand that. But, I know Wade Shepard at does, and that is all it took.  Wade made a comment on my Travel Blog about the problems with the TBEX Travel Bloggers convention and he was dead right.

Truly, it was not about Travelers, it was a thing for Vendors, and websites who want to sell tours and stupid stuff you do not need. I suppose you need the plane tickets, but generally, nothing to do with true long-term traveler, and for sure it violated the "Travelers Code" 100 fold.

First we do not park our minds inside a "Tourist Trap," that is impossible for a traveler to do. We live 365 days traveling, and paying 100 USD per day or night is not possible, maybe 1 in 10,000 people on the planet could travel perpetually paying that money, and normally over 65 and too old to enjoy.

Example: We do not stay in places that are not easy to hangout, and they are normally on our travel path. Yes, Colorado was on my travel path, and that is why I stopped in Keystone, or Dillon, but there was a ZERO ways to hangout there, for around 15-30 per day, and that is expensive at that price. I would have had to pay 40-70, and that is nuts.

It is summer, it is not even winter for snowing, duh!

When the too-stupid-for-words 10 campgrounds in the area refused to give me a way to shower, or clean my body, I knew the USA was too stupid, and too greedy for me. A tourst trap puts you in a bind, there is no choice, you must pay for bad value, or leave, so I left.

I make more money than probably 95 percent of the wanna be Travel Bloggers a the TBEX convention. And I think I have traveled perpetualy 50 times more than 99  percent of them. Maybe they can learn from me, but not much for me learn, only something at TBEX for my ego, that does not need puffed up.

Notice, I am more than willing to make you angry, that is because I do not care if you like me, I want you to know the truth, and the truth is sometimes something that makes a guilty person, someone who resembles what I am writing about angry.

What am I doing in Pana?

It is complicated to understand, but my friend Jeff and his girlfriend is getting mariried on October 21, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

I want to fly to Goa, India, then Thailand, then to Nigeria, then by land to South Africa, Cameroon, Gabon, etc.

I am to be the person that marries them, not sure what that means, but I will be the man who asks them to make the vows, more or less the Preacher, but maybe not a Preacher. He asked me, and I said,
"You are my friend Jeff, anything you want, it is your day, just tell me how to help?"

Then this 10 Hobo Book Series I am Writing

I am angry at myself, I keep promising readers, you, me, my Mother and friends that I am about to finish the book, but it is not finished.

I will write at least 10 books on how to live the life of luxury at any of 100 great cities to hangout abroad. Guide, gear, entering, working, etc.

Bottom line, I am not coming back to the USA until this book is finished.

My was thinking to finish in the USA, but the USA is too nutty busy, every move is an Act of God. I mean, you want to drink a coffee, you get in a car, you want to go to the Libary, it is an Act of God, nothing is easy in the USA except to buy, buy, buy, and buying is the only entertainment inside the USA. People go shoppping or go get fat at a restaurant for fun, the libraries are for the most part empty, full of the destitute.

Here in Pana, I can sit in my room, it is the life of luxury. I can pay a Tuk Tuk Taxi to pick me up at my room for 75 cents and take me anywhere in the city of Pana. I could if I wanted, pay to have the food, drink, laundry, about anything brought to me for 75 cents per trip, maybe 1.50. But in reality, everying is withing walking distance. This sprawling city thing in the USA is torture to the spirit, a true soul sucking eviroment.

This in Guatemala room is for 150 USD per month, with TV and highspeed Skype fast WIFI.

Life is Good here:

What will you read about here in Pana?

I am going to make about one video per day, and I will put them on:

This is 1 of the 100 great cities to hangout on planet earth. This is the theme of the book, more or less how to go hangout, and live the good life. I am trying to slow the word (re)tired, because if you are tired, you should check out of life, not enter into life.

I will visit all the 100 cities, and do the same, wrapping, or meshing the books with the web sites.

Tired people are set in their ways, and living in a different culture is ALWAYS uncomfortable until you adapt. Sadly, 90 percent of people do not want to adapt or change, they want the USA inside another country. A gated community where they do not have to talk with the locals. About 90 percent of these people go home.

Please, Stay off the web sites "International Living," a.k.a. International Lying and, they are more or less too stupid for words web sites trying to make a country abroad into something it is not so they can take your (re)tired life savings, this is unethical, and evil.

Well, I am having fun, life is good, and you slaves of the USA culture of buying can kiss it, I am never going to live in the USA again.... Why?

I am 100 times richer than you, my buying power is alway skyrocked.

I earn USA dollars, and spend in cheap countries.

It is like earing 400,000 USD inside the US, without needing to work. The person making 400 K is nuts, I am calm. (Do not mix up passion, if you meet me in person, I am totally calm, the number one Alpha Male, Type A, Calm collected person on the planet.)

I am ashamed of the USA, I want to distance myself from all the arrogance people who think they are rich, prosperous, and wealthy. There is unemployment at record levels, houses deserted everwhere, Europe is a basket case, and they American Citizen thinks they are safe.

It is ready to tumble, and burn their house and life saving in a day.

Sometime I say, "I never heard of an Afircan person kiliing himself."

Sweden is like that, they do not kill others, they kill themselves.

Shame is the key word to the USA, they are full of toxic shame.

American will kill themselve for a mortgage, and say, I am busy, it is too much.

Well, off to enjoy the good life, I think I will make a video today about Dentist, here in Pana, I think it cost about 15 dollars to get your teeth cleaned. I paid 10 Dolllars last year to have a tooth pulled.

Or, maybe I will write about how to find experts, and how to avoid scamming American citizens who sell over-prices services and products to silly folk.

You think the only idiots are inside the USA, it take a long time to remove stupid out of a person, and make them saavy, and many never learn. But here, 10 USD is a lot of money, and at home 100 is, so making mistake here are manageable.

Get this, the Palapa Bar wants me to pay 14 Q for a diet coke, that is totally off the wall stupid to pay.

Stupid is universal, but when you are risking your whole life, your work, your family, and your whoe life savings to be stupid, then it is idiocy.

I want all people to live within their means, and I do not care where they live, but if you are angry, and feel you do not have enough money, then I am writing this to you.

Simple Solution: Spend less

I think Hoboes can be smarter than rich people, it is too easy.


Andy Lee Graham



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