Honeymoon, Wedding, or Romantic Getaway in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The LaSalle Bed and Breakfast or the Sion Bass House in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a great place for a romantic getaway.

I have now lived in the Sion Bass House in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a week here in the month of April, 2012. Eating breakfast, talking with the other guest, and learning about this Bed and Breakfast, there is one thing that is clear.
"This place is perfect for romance."

The other day, a young military couple spent their four year marriage anniversary here, the man will go back to Afghanistan soon.

There hare been two lawyers, with their lovers or wives who spent the weekend.

There are more, but I have not been able to introduce myself to all the couples who come and visit. However I am quite sure, there is love in the air.

Prices go from around 55-150 USD per night. LaSalleBB.com

Wedding Fort Wayne Ft Wayne

LaSalle Bed Rooms

What feel unique to me, it the size of the common area, both house have large areas in the center of the house. It would be easy to rent whole house for a weekend wedding for the whole wedding party.



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