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We are Trying Show a Live Web Cam Today Thursday January 9, 2012 in Sosua Dominican Republic

This is about the same as a live television broadcast, we want to turn on the camera and show you live what is happening here in the Dominican Republic.


I want to put a "Great Idea" on Camera!

Live Web Cam Link

The television stations make it look simple, when you turn on the TV and watch CNN or the nightly news, the announcer will say.
"Live from Baghdad, Iraq."
And you get to watch live what is happening.

I want to say to you the viewer,
"Today, live from Sosua, Beach."

What is the difference between a video on and a live web cam?

I am Andy Graham, I have recorded over 300 videos and put up on, you can watch them if you want. These are recorded, and published for you:

The Fight.
I feel as if I am in a continuous, never-ending fight with Google, YouTube, and Facebook,  and even you the reader. I am screaming,
"Look at me."

What I truly want to say to Google, YouTube or Facebook is,
"Please let me make some money, share some of the advertising Dollars, so I an earn enough money to travel."

It does feel as if the big boys are winning, and us small web sites are getting pushed to the side, and the truth is, I am truly a big boy compared to 99 percent of the sites on the Internet, but I do not feel as if I am winning this fight, I am scrambling, clawing to survive with this Internet business. 

It is an American Idea, it is an Americanism...
What doe it means to be American?

The world wants to copy a good idea, the Chinese want to copy a great idea, and make money, but what does an American want to do? I think many American dream of coming up with the great idea, in a way, that is all we think about, we want to be the first.

Americans are preoccupied with the new idea thing, we want to be the first person on the block to have something. We want to have the biggest, the best and somehow show the world we do it better. This is the American culture, we try our darnest to tell the world,
"Look at us, look a me, I am American."

In a way, that is why the Europeans are happy right now, they know the American economy sucks, and they want to say,
"Look at you Americans, you are having problems, you deserve what you get for sitting around bragging all the time."

So, I am Andy Lee Graham, and I am an American, why am I different.

Canadians, or Europeans will say to me,
"Andy, you act American."
And, they wait for me to react,
"Yes, that seems to something that an American would do, we would behave like an American."

Ok, My New American Idea is this Live Web Cam

I feel a little bad, how do I keep from losing people here, do you understand, and at the end of the day, do you care?

What the hell is a web cam? I have a camera, then somehow I connect it to the web ,or the Internet, and I call it a "Web Cam." It is a camera that is publishing to the Internet. However, a live web cam is something that a group of people can view.

If you do a search on Google for "Live Web Cam."
Google say there are 673,000 searchs for those three words per month.
Google Search Count 

24,900,000 Global Monthly Searches for "Web Cam."

12,100 searches for "Travel Web Cam."

My Big New American Idea for a Web Cam

I want to turn on the camera, walk around anywhere on the planet and allow you to see what I am seeing. I think want to allow you the reader to chat with me, ask questions and experience the world in real time.

Well, today were are very close, it is very close to being debug of all the major problems.

Live Web Cam Link  

So, what I hope is a great American Idea, will soon be live with the help of Andrew who is Boy Genius from "I N D I A." - He was the one who discovered the Live Streaming thing...


Thu, 9 Feb 2012 03:35:27

We are Trying Show a Live Web Cam Today Thursday January 9, 2012 in Sosua Dominican Republic.

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