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Learning and Research is My Passion: but How to Document and Capture is My Dream

I love to research, and believe we have now created a way to collect information on the Internet simpler than

I Have Many Hobbies:
I am not sure I understand myself or my hobby, however, I will try to explain. I have a hobbies of collecting ideas, in a way I enjoy collecting, organizing, discovering the commonalities that gives a list order.

1. I collect things.

2. I put them in piles.

3. I create categories.

4. I take a photo.

5. I collect information.

6. I type it into a web site with photos.

7. It grows bigger all the time.

Frank Gray, a writer in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Journal Gazette said to me,
"Andy, you chronicle the real world." I think I like to Chronicle things, but I do not always have the words to explain what I chronicle, but I do it anyway.

My Horror Story is This:
Maybe the collectors can empathize with this problem; I can collect enormous amounts of raw data or information. It is impossible to organize, file, explain and document as fast as it is collected.

When I show this information to people, they make fun of me, they mock me, and more or less treat me as if I am stupid. It is my horror story...but I do it anyway.

I have taken 1000's of photo of Africa, one day all this will be gone, someone needs to photograph the real world, not just their "Face" book.

Why should I talk with people who are ignorant, who mock, or cannot understand we are not just here to entertain them. I am 100 percent sure the mass of poeople only care about shopping, sports, music and all the common things. Which, there is nothing wrong with that, but I also have the right to collect ideas, while they are talking about people.

The problem: How to keep the idiots out of the game?

Just a notification to the few who can empathize, but me and Andrew, Partner and coder for this site have create a really simple way of making a web site to explain about anything with words, and photos.

I can allow members into a page, but we now can also keep the idiots out.

It is a "Content Management System."

It is a wonderful way for the average person to have a web site, collect photos, write about them, and take all the raw data and transform into something more, to document, hold, to remember and allow to be shared with others.

The "Something More Problem of Research."

There is always something more to add to research, it never ends, if I collect a list of ideas, there is always one more to add. One of the wonders of is the ability to categorize ideas. However, the problem with is their desire to complicate, make it difficult, and exclude the people who cannot understand their code, more or less a game for techies only.

Example of my Hobbie Web Site

I have created a web site for my home town in Orland, Indiana, it is called:

My 77 year old mother wrote a page on it the other day, what a great feeling to know we have something simple enough for her to use. Orland is my home, it is my love, it is me, it is the story of my life, it is a place in the USA with 400 people, who helped me to become the man I am today.

I can champion my home town, I can write on it, but what is great. my mother can write on it, my friends can write on it, and anybody that loves Orland can write about Orland. We do not care if you love Orland, it is for people who love Orland, it is not for Mongo, or Stroh or Detroit, its something for Orland.

I Think this Web Design Portal Thing is Unique

Well, we can create these small portals on about any subject really fast. It is easy to add "Top Level Categories," then to add topics under them in a filing system. We can add photos, etc.

We are thinking about selling this to people, we would host, maintain, and keep updating the back end stuff to improve the portal.

I think we could allow anyone to have their own web site for a total of 600 USD per year, and it could grow as large as they want. What is different here, you do not have to pay some greedy webmaster to change a few words. You can click on edit and change them yourselves.

An Idea is allow to Evolve to Until Perfect

What is great, I wrote this using the system, and if I wanted, I could go back to this page daily until it is perfectly written.

This is in a way, the perfect thing for a researcher, to allow evolution of ideas.

Fun stuff, and my fun stuff, it is fun to create something out of nothing.

Learning and Research is My Passion: but How to Document and Capture is My Dream title=