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Web Design Blog - Portal written by Internet professionals who earn their living by the traffic sent to their sites by organic search results.

This Web Design Portal hopes to explain clearly why people make web sites, then proceed to explain the type of site that is needed.

Web sites are made for many reasons:

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Top 10 Skills Needed for Web Design

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Web Design

Web Design Blog - Portal written by Internet professionals who earn their living by the traffic sent to their sites by organic search results.

Note on "Great Graphics." There is nothing about great graphics that will drive traffic to your site. Great Graphics are to keep people on your site, or to make them return, it is impossible to attract people by graphics, you need words on a page. A site can be extremely ugly with words or text, and have 100 times more traffic than the worlds most beautiful site. You must separate these two skills, first comes the words, it is alway the case, never the reverse.

STOP - The rest of the list is not important.
If you cannot do the three essentials, you will need to pay people to do these task, and for sure writers are needed, they are the most important people involved in web design, because "Content is King." The secret is this, you must learn all these methods of adding content to your sites and learn how to use them effectively, when a person only uses one strategy it is often doomed.

Choosing a Domain Name:

  1. Easy to spell
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Not easy to mispell
  4. The domain name should have the exact keyword you are going for, this is a problem with HoboTraveler.com, I am not necessariy going for the word "Hobo."

Type of Web Site Strategies
The way the content King is inserted into pages will decide the architecture of the site.

  1. Blogs - 90 percent are using Wordpress
    - This is almost the only way sites are being made now by one person companies, the words to learn is "Content Management Systems."

  2. Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver made sites
    - Truly the old school, and truly the best system to get traffic.
  3. Hand Coders:
    - Highly inefficient way to make a site, but truly a great way to get traffic.
  4. Shopping Cart sites working with Brick and Mortar stores

  5. IT department sites, executives regularly pay thousands of dollars to have sites that do not function.

  6. Off Line  Promoted - There are tons of sites that exist because the offline business is so big it will force traffic to the site. For example television networks do not need organic search.
  7. Selling Products over 50 Dollars - This type of product needs a site just to process orders and can purchase advertising easier than they can drive organic search traffic to their site. Concentrate on Google Adwords.

Organic Search versus Offline Traffic Drivers
The first thing to know about web design is to ask the question,
"Are you going to get all your traffic from Search Engines like Google.com" or
"Are you present clients or readers coming to your site.?"
- Example: You work for a newspaper and they come to the site. Staples makes a site and the customers come visit, or CNN has news on and says, go look at our site. They must work together with the site, but if you are fully aware of your abilities to promote you can learn whether you need to learn SEO.

It is essential to define the purpose of the website as one of the first steps in the planning process. A purpose statement should show focus based on what the website will accomplish and what the users will get from it. A clearly defined purpose will help the rest of the planning process as the audience is identified and the content of the site is developed. Setting short and long term goals for the website will help make the purpose clear and plan for the future when expansion, modification, and improvement will take place. Setting a goal practices and measurable objectives should be identified to track the progress of the site and determine success.

Defining the audience is a key step in the website planning process. The audience is the group of people who are expected to visit your website – the market being targeted. These people will be viewing the website for a specific reason and it is important to know exactly what they are looking for when they visit the site. A clearly defined purpose or goal of the site as well as an understanding of what visitors want to do or feel when they come to your site will help to identify the target audience. Upon considering who is most likely to need or use the content, a list of characteristics common to the users such as:

Audience Characteristics
Information Preferences
Computer Specifications
Web Experience 

Taking into account the characteristics of the audience will allow an effective website to be created that will deliver the desired content to the target audience.

Domain Registration - I recommend Godaddy.com

Hosting - I recommend any hosting that cost less than 50 Dollars per year to start, when you are making over 1000 Dollars per month, then re-evaluate.

Hiring Webmasters - Truly a no-win situation, you must be an incredibly big business to afford to do this, and if you do, he or she should work exclusively for you. I recommend you try to get on Elance.com and find a full time person to work for you, this is going to take from one to two years of paying the person to develop a site, and should cost about 400 dollars per month to pay a person in India to work for you. If you can, it is best to partner with a person in the USA, but if you cannot do the web site yourself it is almost hopeless.

Examples of Great Designs

  1. Wikipedia.org/
    - Proprietary Content Management System
  2. Transitionsabroad.com/
    - Hand made, the best for SEO, he wraps content, links to good content, and makes each page whereby you do not need to go anywhere else. Each page is highly book markable and easy to recommend. The content is King, the only site you need, he works this as portal for many specific niche Travel needs.
  3. Practicaltravelgear.com/
    - Wordpress, the best for looking great.
  4. Amazon.com/
    Shopping Cart
  5. Everything-everywhere.com/
    Workaholic, super promoter site, thrashing the social networks, more or less promotion the cult of personality to the extremes.
  6. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/
    Guru Blog, this is the best I know, he makes himself the Guru so he can sell speaking engagements and books, truly a neutral inspirational site.
  7. Couchsurfing.org/
    Exploiting a Niche Market to the extreme, this site knows who they are making the site for and performs the job.
  8. Ehow.com/
    The champion of getting other people to write, and make the site grow and make money. The create the platform, and prosper because the allow people to write to make the person famous or promote their company.

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