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Andrew Boy Genius has Made Web Design Changes that Make Me Proud December 5, 2011

Andrew the chief cook for the Hobo network of 100 Expatriate sites has devised a wonderful system for content management.

"You know what's cool?"

The dream of every Internet Webmaster is probably to make something cool. Something so cool, you want to forward it to all your friend and say,
"Look at this, it is cool."

....What I DREAM up, he can MAKE...
I can dream up something, Andrew can make it happen...

Andrew, my friend, partner, and chief PHP coder for has done some "cool" things lately.

I keep thinking about the movie "The Social Network," where the sociopath founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, with ungodly confidence streams out his mouth about Facebook being "Cool."

Facebook is cool, Andrew my coder with his girl is cool also, and I am so grateful that Andrew is not like that sociopath Mark who did Facebook. I am pround of Andrew, this is what makes life good.

Andrew Boy Genius with Girl

The man on the right, now Superman and not Superboy is Andrew, he is with his girl, who I will allow to remain anonymous.

I really appreciate Andrew, he has allowed me to avoid learn PHP, and I also appreciate Brett Conrad, a friend who first introduced PHP to the site. Brett is now dead, he died of cancer a few years ago. was conceived in a dorm bed in Panama City, Panama in the Voyager Hostel on January 1, 2000, mas or menos. I (Andy Graham) worked myself on idea for a couple of years, started a newsletter, grew to 11,000 and then hooked up with Brett to make some interactive features.

Somewhere, around December 2003, I found Andrew in Goa, India, I was walking around to Internet Cafés and asking for PHP people. One of them recommended Andrew and somehow we connected, I will never forget this small guy with a baseball cap, quiet and a techie in the true sense of being a tech.

Now, he is a man, with opinion and full of ideas, he is becoming more of a leader every day. This is good, I need to write book, walk further away, and just be the coach from the sideline and not the quarterback, I am tired of being the quarterback, it is time for Andrew more hands on.

Well, Andrew made a "COOL" thing, the other day we put "Walls" on the front of all the 100 sites.

Dream Up

This is what I dreamed up, this is what Andrew made that is simple and fun, it is as the Sociopath Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook said,
"It is cool."

Why do I want cool?

I want something:

1. Simple, easy enough for my 77 year old Mom to use.

2. Benefit to user, a person in one of the 100 cities can now know what is happening quickly.

--- I can tell all my friends in Sosua what I am doing, and they can write back and come join me. Living abroad is about friends, there is no reason to live if you have no friends. There is nothing all that different than Orland, Indiana here; if I have more friends in Indiana, than in a way, better to live in Orland, my Home town.

But if I am going to live in the Tropical countries, I need to have friends.

I dreamed up a cool way to communicate to all my friends in Sosua, Lago Atitlan, Khao San Road, Lome Togo, and 100 more places, including Orland, Indiana.

Andrew made it so!, He made it happen, and this is the problem with web design, we need to dream up something and have someone make the dream come true. In many ways, Andrew is my dream come true.

Now, my dream is to finish the book, explain 100 great places to live on the planet, connect people to paradise, and share my great fortune with the world. I am a very lucky man, I can live anywhere, and do anything I want with the help of Andrew as my partner.

I have been traveling for 13 years and 10 months, and will have been up for 12 year on January 1, 2012. Andrew came on I guess about  nine years ago, we are family, we are a team.

I am still a dreamer, I am still a purist, I still go by the travelers code, I only give out advice that I would do myself, in 12 years of writing, I have always written what I believe in, not what the advertisers wanted. I have not become a travel writer who sucks and sells people into nightmare situations.

Andrew has been the partner that is making my life the dream, he allows me to explain, bring together people around the planet.

What I dream of, he makes happen.

One day, I hope to have millions of people share the great fortune to understand how live anywhere, and everywhere, to how to live a life without borders.

Thanks Andrew for being my friend.

We are on the last 25 cities, this page will soon have all 100 of my best option for living abroad, a feat that has taken me 14 years of traveling to think about. To travel long enough to understand, to encapsulate, what are the best place on the planet to hang out for fun, not for investments, not to be alone, but where are the 100 best cities to find friends on planet earth as a world traveler, as a person who can live anywhere. I know a few of you believe you deserve the best life has to give, this is what I am trying to share.

Thank you Andrew, for giving me a way to share all this with my friends around the planet.

Sign up, log in, and write on the Guestbook wall, it is cool.

100 Cities to Hang out with Friends

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Andrew Boy Genius