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10 Most Important Skills Needed for Web Design

Here is a prioritized list of skills your web designer needs to have or learn.

 There are two major parts of designing a page, the creation of the architecture of the site and the artistic view of the page. 

  1. Ability to write paragraphs of information.
  2. Ability to type with all finger fast and accurately
  3. Ability to read so you can study.
  4. Abilty to do mathematical probibilty, you will then be able to predict the probabilities of actionss.
  5. The ability to finish a project completely.
  6. Empathy with readers, not sure this one can be taught.
  7. The ability to create a metric to check if a project succeeded or needs work.
  8. To continually add and evolve any project, to keep the project forever improving. If you think of a new improvement, the small improvement can be implemented in minutes.