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We Can Avoid USA Winters

Snowbirds is the travel term for people who live in the USA during the summer, and travel south for winter, the problem is home ownership, and cars.

Can you live without your house, and car?

House is a ball and chain

World travel is easy, living in tropical paradise is easy, selling the house is beyond the powers of modern man.


Andy Lee Graham


This is so true. Americans build their lives around home ownership. For many, the house ends up owning them. When they lose their job, many stay chained to the house until they go broke instead of relocating for better opportunities.


-40 F or -40 C (only temperture they are the same) windchills here and in gadgets home town on Tuesday night - get me out of here !!!! :-)


I'm selling my house here - i figure if worst comes to worst i can buy a nice trailer in Florida if I get tired of over-seas for 5000 dollars, and pay lot rent - Florida is God's big waiting room for senior citizens.:-P You must be going up in the boundary waters? Yes a beautiful area - but you need do need to find a warm place for winter.

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Migration south is easy for people who do not own houses. title=