Weather of the World Links for Travelers on the Road

Andy's Favorites: - Sunset! Click on Almanac and it will tell you when the sun is going to set for your present location.

There are 3 major factors a traveler should monitor.
Altitude, Latitude, Sun Rotation

1. Altitude:
This is the feet or meter above sea level. The higher the colder the lower the warmer.

2. Latitude: The distance or mark about or below the equator. The farther from the Equator normally the colder, the closer the warmer. See links below.

3. The Suns rotates above the planet from 23.5 degree above to 23.5 degrees below and if you know the position you can understand the local weather. Try to understand why it is summer, fall, spring, or winter?

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Latitude from a technical view...


HURRICANE is a hurricane by any other name in the Atlantic Ocean. But not in the
Pacific, where it is called a typhoon, nor the Indian, where it is known as a cyclone. A
hurricane is the most horrendous force of nature, often exceeding the havoc caused by
volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, creating destruction over a far larger territory.
- Clive Cussler from book  Trojan Odyssey