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Time Zone Map that has the USA as the Center of the World

The decision on where to retire abroad should or could be greatly influenced how to make phone calls to the USA from different time zones.

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 04:10:54

USA as Center of Planet for Time Zones

Where to retire overseas? For most people one-half the planet, about 150 of the 252 possible country choices can be removed by looking at this time zone map.

Why? Because calling family, friends, and business associates become very complicated when you are over 3 - 12 hour different.

Each line of the map of above represents a one hour difference, the maximum possible hours is a 12 hour difference.

Working Abroad:

I sell advertising on my site, mainly to the USA and Great Britain, often a person in England will write in the late afternoon, I know my e-mail reply lands in their box after they left work.

In a world of disorganized people, missing phone calls, nobody picking up the phone, for me as a USA citizen, living in Thailand or the Philippines could make my business life unbearably complicated. However, if you are webmaster who starts working at 11 PM, and works all night, it could make it easier.

Time Zone map that shows the USA as the center of the planet.