Wayfinding Maps as encountered and explained by a world traveler.

Wayfinding Maps

Wayfinding MapsValuable for budget purposes and determining a path of ease at a glance.
WayFinding Maps

Valuable for budget purposes and determining a path of ease at a glance."
- Eric

Wayfinding and WayFinders

I am Andy of HoboTraveler.com a traveler of the Planet Earth. My continuous travels of the planet is wonder or wander driven, often in ways nomadic, yet also just plain following a muse or curious question. I have slowly developed a feel for traveling that make me feel and/or understand the best way, or path.

I first focused on the word WayFinders by watching what I believe was a PBS show, maybe re-shown on the Discovery Channel while in a Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

A fluffy show, produced in the more mystical and more fantasy level travel writers mode, it was difficult to access watch, yet I was able to gleam off an essential idea about WayFinding or the Polynesian Sailors. The seem to be able to couple their instincts and small signs from their environment to navigate from island to island.

Finding the way, finding the best path is both a feel and using what information is available to make the best decisions, this page is and endeavor to group together some map when compared will assists other world traveler to know the way...

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Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

Wayfinding is often used to refer to traditional navigation methods used by indigenous peoples. In more modern times, wayfinding is used in the context of architecture to refer to the user experience of orientation and choosing a path within the built environment, and it also refers to the set of architectural and/or design elements that aid orientation.

Urban planner Kevin A. Lynch coined the term in his 1960 book Image of the City, where he defined wayfinding as “a consistent use and organization of definite sensory cues from the external environment”. In 1984 environmental psychologist Romedi Passini published the full-length "Wayfinding in Architecture" and expanded the concept to include signage and other graphic communication, clues inherent in the building's spatial grammar, logical space planning, audible communication, tactile elements, and provision for special-needs users.

Historically, wayfinding refers to the techniques used by travelers over land and sea to find relatively unmarked and often mislabeled routes. These include but are not limited to dead reckoning, map and compass, astronomical positioning and, more recently, global positioning.
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