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Cheapest Drinking Water Sold In Plastic Sacks

The cheapest drinking water, and often the coldest is sold in one-half liter plastics bags all over the planet.

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 06:07:26

Photo of the type of bag to look for, you need to know the word for sack, and often a foreigner must push when asking. Generally in a foolish sort of way, the tourist and travelers just grab bottles, therefore vendors assume you want a bottle.

Cheap Drinking Water

This bag was purchase in Ho, Ghana for 5 peso, about 3 Cents USA, and was freezing cold. I believe it is the custom to freeze the bags overnight here in Ghana.

It is very easy to drink, you bite the corner, a hole forms and you can squeeze the water into your mouth. What is nice, there is no air enter ling as it does when drinking from a bottle.

Cheapest Drinking Water Sold In Plastic Sacks

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