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Boiling Purified Water in Hotel to Make Sure it is OK to Drink

Just because you are drinking purified water, does not mean it is OK to drink, this is a travel tip to help solve the problem.


If the Water Smells, then Do Not Drink It.

My rule of thumb is this, if the water smells, I don't drink it. However, there are times and places where the water is always a problem. Then what do you do, this video explains how I bring water to a boil to make it free of problems.

Note: Leaving water in direct sun for 1-2 days will kill 90-100 percent of the problems with about any water on the planet.

A True Water Story

I was going to do a water research project, I was going to collect small bottles of water, then send to the USA for testing. Finally, after many phone calls, I contacted a person in a lab in the USA, a man with a big brain. He said,
"Andy, by the time the water would arrive to the USA, it would be safe to drink."

Water that is not exposed to air, in a bottle, self-purifies quickly, so simply, if you put a bottle of water in a plastic jug, the put in the sun, is a great way to clean water.

If you see 5 gallon bottles of water stored outside the super market in the sun, then it is safer. I suspect many water companies play games buyers, and do this to help them insure they are selling safe water.

If the water has not been tested by a lab, thenn who cares if you buy a purification unit form some "Save the World" organization. Test the NGO's, they are crooks, ask them where they tested the water, this is the insance joke of the planet that save the world organizations know what they are doing. Truly, they want to say, we have good intentions, so trust us, and in 14 years of travel, I only know a couple I believe need your money, the others are dumb and dumber, and truly causing problems.


Andy Lee Graham


I guess Andy got my message. I am the lady who sent you the article about the drinking water issue going on in the Lake Atitlan. what a coincidence, that suddenly after I sent you my email, you started to write about the same subject. Well, I hope I did wake up some people on this, and I also hope that some of you will learn better on how to handle the drinking water issue there, in such a beautiful place! "Don't underestimate it, estimate it"!

Lake girl

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I am too lazy to get more water, so I clean my Hotel water sometims. This appeared to be one bad five gallon bottle of water. title=