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2013 Is Going To Be A Helluva a Year

There is water below your feet...

Mon, 31 Dec 2012 01:11:54

2013 is going to be a Helluva a Year

It has been a long haul for me, but life is exceptionally good, I can tell, I am back on the path; there is a plot to this story… In reality, no plan is a plan, and a plan is a plan, whether we like it or not, life just keeps on trickling towards the sea. You are either fighting for existence, or you are thriving, not just surviving, those of you that suffer need to choose easier battles, and do less, all battles in life should be won. Just by writing this Blog daily, I receive my needed dose of “completion,” the beginning, middle, and end.

One of my favorite words is “Rill.”

All stories have a beginning, middle, and end, with all the suspense that builds, captivates you, then with a a great summation that installs a memory into your brain. How do we find the beginning to stories, I believe we need to search for the rills in life, the small beginnings.

What is a rill? See, I inserted a thought into the astute reader, talked around the issue, and now will introduce you to the beginning.

A “rill” is the beginning of a stream, it is the first gullie formed, when it rains, water accumulates, puddles form, and the water is absorbed by the ground. When the soil is saturated, the water start to run off the top, when there is too much water flowing, the water makes a channel, a rill is is a micro-gullies, a micro-ravine, rills are drops of water that turn into rivers.

Please read this again, “Rills” are not gullies, a rill is when many drops of water start to move, it is the beginning. It is when drops of water start to follow each other, and they form an indention in the soil, mother earth cannot stop water, because it never stops, all life is about the force of water and the rill is the beginning of the story.

The Grand Canyon in Colorado gets it start as a rill,

“In the beginning, there was a rill.”

At the end of the story is the river delta, people in New Orleans suffered because of too many rills, creeks, streams, and rivers crashing into their delta area.

I watch a fight last night here in Cape Coast, Ghana, contrary to what you think, people in West Africa almost never get into fist fights. In East Africa, or Mongolia, you can watch one daily, but West Africans seldom fight.

How did the fight begin? You need to search for the “RILL.” It was dark, and a cluster of boys started, a bundling, a grouping, then there was an eruption, fist started to fly, there was a “rill.”

A savvy traveler has his mind’s eye on the rills, not the rivers; we see the beginnings, not the ends of stories. We like to explore, we want to be the first, not the last to enter, and a traveler needs the rush we feel the water around us, we are looking for the rills being formed.

OK then, 2013 is going to be a Helluva a YEAR

I have no idea why? But, my intuition says too much water is flowing below my feet, something is going to burst.

A good tour operator should get all the members of the tour laid, and if not laid, he or she should allow them to be gluttons, eat until they are fat. Then the tour operator presents them with a long laundry list of educational things, and let them ignore all of them while they are getting laid or eating at the food buffet. The people will go home, brag about all they learned to the people are work, and tell their best friends what good food, and who they shagged, there is always two stories.

A great tour operator would insert a dream, a lingering memory, somehow install a thought into your brain, from with you cannot escape, a rill will form, and indention into your brain.

I watch another of them TED videos the other day, the speaker said,

“People minds on average wander 30 percent of the time.”

While on task, while doing what they do, the mind of anyone on the planet is daydreaming, thinking about something other than what they are doing. They are not in the moment, their mind as has left the room and are out wandering around looking, searching for something.

Paul Theroux the man who writes, when he travels said, that we all want to be “Elsewhere.”

Presently, today, all humans are walking on many small drops of water, small rills are being formed, every great accomplishment in life had a beginning, it had a rill. I have 1000’s of projects, little ideas swarming around in my brain, looking for the way to the sea.

The children of the planet look at the world with delight, anticipation, with lust in their eyes for life. Adult often have looks of disgust, as if everyone is trying to contaminate them.

I arrived without a reservation, I will leave without a plan, I will follow the rills, until the become wide raging rivers. I will never go home; I will never stop following the path wherever it may lead.

The art of travel is the art of life, they are one and the same, and keep your eyes open for the rills in life, and follow them, every day must be beginning. Is your mind wandering, isolated the thought, and follow it, work on it, feed it, and it will lead you elsewhere.

Now, walk into the shower, wake up, look in the mirror, is the person in the mirror the hero of the story?

A Ghana girl screamed down from the second story balcony yesterday here in West Africa.

“What are you looking for?”

I did not know what to say, she caught me looking around at her world, and that is how my hero lives today.

2013 is going to be a helluva a year.

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