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American Volunteers – Travel With a Purpose

Do you want to visit crazy countries outside the USA, the places nobody else goes to?Volunteering provides a good means for Americans.

Fri, 17 May 2013 00:04:36

Volunteer with a Purpose

Do you want to visit countries outside the USA, places off the beaten path, where nobody else goes? Volunteering is a great way for Americans to do so.

When your mother, father and friends ask, “Why are you traveling there?” you can reply, “I am a volunteer.”

The number of people volunteering outside the USA is growing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday, I met a volunteer from the USA who was working as an intern physical therapist at a hospital. And I thought to myself, “What a good idea; there is no way for him to accidentally cause harm.”

This American was educated inside the USA, and through his volunteer work, he can share his education and skills. As best I can surmise, he is not putting anyone out of work, and he is not competing with the local work force, which is how a person causes harm with good intentions.

I can hear an American executive saying, “Our company keeps finding these college students to work for free!” And a now-unemployed worker saying, “An intern came, worked for little or nothing and put me out of work.” That’s not the case here.

To Volunteer is Noble

To volunteer, to be a good person, to help, to give – these are the traits of a noble person, one who wants to help the world become a better place. It is thinking more about “we,” and less about “me.” That is a good thing, and this is the dream of the volunteer from the USA. He or she just wants to pitch in and help.

The Know-it-all Volunteer From the USA

Please, try not to use this phrase, but we Americans who wish to volunteer should avoid becoming “The Ugly American.”

This is more or less a person who is a know-it-all, who for some reason or another believes the American way is the only way. Volunteers, if you wish give your life purpose, this is a good, but we hope you are not a know-it-all as an American volunteer.

How Much Money Needs to Be Spent?

I sometimes think of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the richest persons on the planet. His foundation is giving roughly $500 million towards the eradication of Malaria.

My father is dying from cancer. How much money needs to be spent to find a cure? In a way, we need to just keep throwing money at the problem until something works.

Maybe by sending 100 volunteers, we, as Americans, can help the world to be a better place. If only one volunteer does good work, than that is progress.

Volunteer and give your life a purpose.


Andy Lee Graham

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